Topograhical maps of Turkey

It’s all but impossible to obtain topographical maps better than 1:500,000 for Turkey. I read somewhere it’s an agreement between Turkey and the US.
Do other countries respect this agreement, and how ? Why couldn’t Russia or Armenia sell Turkish maps ?
Or are the US the only country to have access to detailed maps of Turkey ?

What is this agreement worth now that we have access to detailed satellite views on NASA’s World Wind or Google Earth ?

I don’t know about any agreement like that. It seems unlikely.

East View Cartography and Omni Resources both sell Soviet topographic maps covering about a third of the country at 1:50,000 scale.

The Earth Sciences & Map Library at UC Berkely claims to have a series of 584 Soviet maps of Turkey at 1:100,000 scale.

The Map Library at Michigan State University claims to have a series of 70 maps of Turkey at 1:200,000 scale. I couldn’t find out who produced the maps.

East View Cartographic sells a series of 66 cartographic maps at 1:250,000 scale that covers most of the country. It lists the producer of the maps as “General Command of Mapping Turkey”.

Great, Bibliophage. I read about this agreement from the US Geological Survey at the time I was looking for such maps (about 10 years ago). I can’t cite because I got rid of the documents when I had access to Google Earth !
Many thanks.