TorDope Wrap Up Thread

Don’t feel bad. Mnem went AWOL when I came to Toronto, too.

Hey, Globe-trotter–do you know I’ve been eaten away by guilt about that all-star game ballot? I keep hearing all these stories and debates about who gets picked and I feel like a real creep for putting in my non-legit ballot. I’m not sleeping nights!

Cranky, this is what you get when you vote for J. Lo! Let that be a lesson to you! :smiley:

Ooh! Ooh! Total hijack! After the tourney, when we got back to Toronto we went to La Paloma- easily the best gelato in the city- and I had one scoop of baked custard, and one scoop of zuppa inglese. Zuppa inglese is English trifle ice cream, with custard, bits of chocolate, sponge cake, cherries, and sherry in it. I’m going to rob the store and enslave the cooks.

They also have a ferrero rocher one. And chocolate amarreto. And zabaglione. And almond nougat. And fresh strawberry. And chocolate orange…

(Runs off to don gelato-robbing outfit)

yummmmmm… I wanna go back now!

Next time, we should have a best-restaurants-hopping Dopefest. That would be cool.

This weekend rocked my sheep. I’m still recovering.

Random quotes:

“And then there was this one time that someone tried to exorcise my homosexual demons.”
“Even your demons are gay?”

  • andygirl and Eonwe

“I eat my Coffee Crisp analy”

“No, wait! That’s not what I meant!”
-LaurAnge about ten seconds after that.

“Rippling buttocks!”
-the party of Evil

“That was… good…”
-Lissla Lissar, lying to us about our bellydancing skills

Love to the party of Evil and the neverending car ride, Cerowyn and theotherangel for their above-and-beyond hospitality, Lissla for the bellydancing, Charmian for a great shoot-em-up videogame, Globetrotter for liking Pratchett…

I’ll post more as I remember 'em.

Did I not say anything memorable? ::harumph::

andy, you forgot Eonwe’s “I’m attracted to men for their wealth and power!”

and ow, still cramped from the car ride.

I truly don’t think I said anything memorable… Although at the one bar I did say that “I want something alcoholic and fruity” and then realized people might think I was hitting on Scott Evil…

Let’s see, a memorable Scott Evil quote…

I dunno, stories of early childhood Wonder Woman action figure trauma would work, but it’s awfully long to post.

You said something really witty when I first tried to throw you the football, but I’m damned if I can remember it! Please post if you do.

Just in case it got lost because I had posted in the organization thread - I had a great time at the picnic, enjoyed meeting all of you, and am grateful to Cerowyn and theotherangel for acting as hosts. Hopefully next time I can make it to the evening’s festivities!

I think it was “I’m gay, I can’t catch a ball. Only balls.”

Then there was Kwyjibo playing the Austin Powers pinball game.

Kwyjibo: I’ve never handled so many balls before!
scott evil: Oh, I have.

Then there was Kwyjibo playing the Austin Powers pinball game.

Kwyjibo: I’ve never handled so many balls before!
scott evil: Oh, I have.

I’m going to a big party next Monday. I’m going to take a box of crackers along. It should be fun.

It was so nice, he had to say it twice. :smiley:

Fear me, for when I performed the Cracker Challenge the other night, I successfully downed six crackers in one minute, not once, but twice! No, not two consecutive minutes, I had to recharge in the middle for a bit…but I stand as proof that it can be done!

scott evil: I hope the Coffee Crisp wore a condom! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my pictures back!!! :slight_smile:

Once LaurAnge scans them, she’s going to have to send them back to me for some serious cosmetic Photoshopping. Fixing red-eye, chin lifts, blotchy skin, etc… :eek:

The pic of the sleeping Dopers in the back seat is absolutely adorable.

Of course, Charmian looks fabulous in every pic I have of her.

It was great to see Globe-trotter, and Kwyjido again. And, to meet the other Dopers, including of course the " Posse of Evil " I had a wonderful time.


It was also good to see Sunspace again! D’oh.

Note to self: Don’t post when half asleep!:smack: