Torgo's Lame Rant #42: "Liberty Meadows" Bites the Rotted Turkish Sausage, Big Time

Given: the man draws a nice piece of ass.

Rant: Goddam piece of piehole comic strip, unfunny, ripping off an older strip that wasn’t even good enough to rip off (Bloom County), anthropomorphic animals chatting it up with meaty babes in tight t-shirts and cutoffs…dig it, do I envy Cho? Would it that I were the young cartoonist, pouring out my dreams and fantasies (interspersed with childhood-influenced menageries…EEEWW) onto my tilted drawing board, QUICK, QUICK, to the bathroom for a furtive jackoff before hitting it again. How shall I draw her this time? Short skirt? Denim shorts? All tawny skin, tanned buttocks and bulging thighs, DIG IT, how I draw her hair, were that it lay across my puny chest. But back to the board…oh, but that she were for real!! And MINE.

Well then, boy…I can make you happy.

It’s stopping December 31.

It’s going to go comic book only.

I love the strip. Cho understands what a fanboy is. For once, one of us got a chance to have a voice.

Comic book only? Good. Then he can really get his mojo working. His babes are droololicious.

I love Liberty Meadows and I think it is a fine comic strip. Of course I’ve never actually seen it in a newspaper but I’ve bought of a few of the comics when I could find them.


Then check out comics such as Dawn, Chastity, or Lady Death. These comics are devoid of any interesting stories and instead seem designed to attract certain males. It wouldn’t be so bad if the artist would just fess up and say they like drawing boobie comics. Reading the creator of Dawn wax philosophically about his creation is hilarious.