Toronto Dopers... where should I go?

Another difference between TO and Vancouver: street addresses. In Vancouver, each block is a “hundred”. One block will be 1200, the next 1300, and so on. This is not the case in Toronto. Addresses start at 1 and continue up without being broken up by block.

This means that if you are close to the waterfront (like Yonge & Front) and you have an address (2200 Yonge St), and think in Vancouver addressing, it won’t be too far to walk, you would be wrong. It is a long, long walk. Trust me, I walked every damn step of it (from Front to Englinton, for the curious). We took the subway back. :wink:

RumMunkey has you pretty much set up for travel. From Kennedy and Sheppard you’re pretty far from the GTA Core. Scarborough Town Centre is East along Sheppard until McCowan Rd and then a short trip south (all buses pretty much stop at the mall).

Or Fairview mall, which is straight west on Sheppard ave.

Pacific Mall is straight north of you, at the end of the TTC regular service zone. Pacific mall also includes Market Villiage. It’s all a Chinese haven up there.

You could take the 43? south on Kennedy. Just past the 401 tunnel there’s a strip mall called Kennedy Commons. There’s a Chapters there along with a AMC theater and a few bars/resturants/shops.

You should have a fine time. You’re in a fairly relaxed area. There’s a Walmart next door to you (in Agincourt mall) if you get homesick :smiley:

Absolutelly the BEST place in and around Toronto are the Toronto Islands!
For 6$ you ride ferry to one of three Islands stops (go to Centre Island) and then you will enjoy no traffic ,noise and fumes. There are beautifull trees and flowers there.Go check it out.