Toronto mosque holds first known Muslim prayer service led by a woman

Very cool.

Considering the Canadian military just wed two male military members, it really doesn’t surprise me.

Very cool as usual, Canada.

Very good! :slight_smile:

I’ll be interested in learning how Muslims in other countries react to this.

Very interesting, and cool.

yes, its kinda cool…but I wouldn’t get too excited about it.

(I shouldn’t turn this thread into GD terrority, but:)
I’d compare this incident to a Jewish, new-age-style kabbalistic prayer service led by Maddonna.
There are no seriously religious Jews anywhere in the world who respect Maddonna.
And whatever happens in that Toronto mosque will have absolutely zero effect on world Islam.

umm…that’s madonna…

(preview, preview…etc…)

Do you think there’d be any negative impact?

Well, if she tried it in a middle-eastern mosque, the only impact would be the shrapnel from a car bomb . But since it happened in Canada, it will just be ignored as a silly gimick.

This certainly fits in with that longstanding stereotype of Canadians as raging iconoclasts.

Oh no. I always thought they would be too polite to “rage”.:slight_smile:

I remember reading about a woman leading a Friday prayer in New York City several months ago.

Oops. Found it. Amina Wadud did lead a Friday prayer, but not inside a mosque, as apparently none in NY would host it.

Baby steps I suppose.

Very cool indeed.