Torture in WW2 by Allied side

Ie the West. Did we and how organised a thing was it?

Was there any official provision for the idea of being able to torture people ‘as much as necessary’ if the information was important enough or the like, ie getitng towards Gestapo territory?

The relevance should be fairly obvious. I generally beleived that we didnt go there, but someone in another forum has questioned this and I thought Id ask.


I remember hearing something on the History Channel (I think) about Russian soldiers raping women in the concentration camps they’d liberated, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for.

No looking for Western only (ie US, UK etc). I know the USSR had the NKVD or equivalent, the Axis had the Gestapo, ie units using organised torture including electrocution and the like.

I dont believe anything similar did with the West (and quite obviously dont want to as well) although there may have been isolated incidents. I just wanted to know if anyone knew a bit more either way.


My father was a prisoner of war under British supervision for a time, helping to repair roads in northern Italy. He said that life wasn’t exactly fun, but the British treated him and his fellow prisoners well (i.e., in accordance with the Geneva Convention). Then again, my father and his fellow prisoners were mostly a bunch of teenagers, so I have the feeling that torture wouldn’t have yielded anything useful even if it was tried.

That stands in contrast to the various anecdotes he and my mother have about the activities of some American soldiers, but those were post-war stories, AFAIK. I have no info on torture-related activities for the purposes of gaining intelligence during the war.