Total sales of goods and services in the US

Is there a number maintained for the total sales of goods and service in the US. Every exchange of money for goods and services, interest, fees, stocks, bonds, everything. Gross Outputseems close but apparently is only dealing with newly produced goods. I was just curious what the tax base be if there was a sales tax on every exchange of money for goods and services.

Gross domestic product.

ETA: Though I guess that doesn’t count the secondary market.

It should. When reselling, the new value creation is the service of selling, which is always spanking brand new.

GDP doesn’t include the intermediary sales such as raw materials to a manufacturer, or any re-sales of used products.

I don’t know if there is such a number.

Yes, but the OP isn’t looking for just the value of the goods and services; he wants the value of all the transactions. So for things that are often traded more than once a year (like stock certificates) you’d have to count each sale individually.

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