Total War fans...Napoleon

Don’t know how many Total War fans there are, but thought I’d start a thread with a link to the new expansion coming out (in theory) in February for Total War Empire. There has already been 1 (or possibly 2) expansions for the game, but personally I didn’t get much out of the Tribes expansion and haven’t been able to find the Asian one anywhere except in a compilation game pack with the full game (which I have no intention of buying again).

Here is the IGN preview for the Napoleon expansion:

There are some pretty cool screen shots in the link as well. I figured this would be the major expansion for the game, but it looks like it might be even better than what I was hoping for.


My problem with Empire: TW was the unbelievably frustrating pathfinding during the real time battles. I lost my temper so many times that I finally just uninstalled the game, never to be looked at again. I don’t think this has happened to me since trying to play single-player in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.

The Total War series of games, particularly Shogun and M2TW, have eaten up a lot of my time and I currently play M2TW with the SS mod. I like them for both aspects of gameplay. They can fix whatever they want, but if pathing issues cause you to lose a battle because 1 guy got caught somewhere then it’s just not worth it.

Hopefully some of these good ideas, like the drop-in human opponent, will get patched into older versions of the game (or modded into).

Bah. My laptop can’t run the game. It’s like my nose is pressed up against the glass while everyone is playing with their shiny toy.

Sure, the pathfinding sucks. And worse is units not firing until that last guy who got hung up on a fence makes it into position. But it’s pretty easy to work around the worst of the pathfinding issues, and not entirely historically inaccurate. I mean, do you really think a battalion deployed in line is going to advance obliquely across a fence in good order? Really? So deploy it into a column and advance it across the fence at something near perpendicular, and redeploy into line on the other side. Works like a charm.

Of course, there was that time when a couple guardsmen got stuck inside a building, rendering the entire unit useless for the rest of the battle. Grr.

I used to get frustrated when my ships would get hung up and then just sit there and get pounded to splinters…but then I thought, well, that probably happened a lot during this time period as well. Same with the golden-BB that occasionally happens, when a ship of the line(!!) blows up after only getting hit a few times. I actually had that happen to the USS Constitution (one of the special DLC units you can get), which REALLY sucked. But, that kind of thing actually happened during this time period.

Still a really fun game and I’m totally (heh) looking forward to the Napoleon expansion.