Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai

Anyone planning to get this expansion? I pre-ordered it more out of habit…I generally get anything Total War related when it comes out. It looks like the it’s going to be the most ‘modern’, warfare wise, of the series so far, since they never did do a Civil War version of the game.

Historically, I’m unsure how ‘real’ this one is…looking at the trailers for the game, it seems to be based on Dances with Samurai (i.e. The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise), which didn’t strike me as particularly historically accurate, though I don’t know a lot about this period of Japanese history (I know some of the basics, and I know that some European and US individuals and even countries sent advisers and sold them weapons and industrial know how).

That said, it will be interesting to see how they do this one. They are going to be using post-Civil War era weapons, which means rifled percussion capped muskets, or even cartridge loading breech loaders, rifled cannon with variable timed munitions, and of course the ever popular Gatling Gun…coupled, presumably, with bows and arrows and sword wielding foot troops. They are also going to have more modern types of sea battles (I didn’t really like the sea battles in Shogun 2, preferring the ones in the various Empire games better, as cannon sea battles are just more fun than ramming and arrow shooting types).

I’m hoping that if this games works, they will do a full out Civil War version of the game (either that, or a Total War Rome 2, or maybe a Total War Ancient Warfare game would be nice), which I think they have shied away from because it didn’t fit as well with the foundations of the game…more modern warfare is at longer ranges, for one thing.

Anyway, anyone else planning to get this when it comes out next weekend? Any thoughts?


This has been in pre-order for so long, I was shocked to see another pre-order offer for it. My immediate thought was “Isn’t this out yet??”

For those who haven’t ordered yet but plan to, Green Man Gaming is selling it for $20 (33% off) right now. It’s a Steamworks game so you’re activating it on Steam no matter where it comes from.

The concept of it sounds great to me but I haven’t started Shogun 2 yet. Bought it at Christmas and haven’t installed it yet due to other games. I’m going to force myself to be good and not buy this until I’m ready to play it but I look forward to hearing other people’s experiences/thoughts with it.

Yeah I buy everything Total war. The franchise is one of those high end PC exclusive series that will always get my support.

Doesn’t hurt that the games rock too. I’ve beaten Shogun’s 2 campaign exactly once. It’s great, but I usually end up caught with some other new game and by the time I get back to Shogun I’ve forgotten what my overall strategy is, so I restart.

Still looking forward to this. And I’m hoping the next entry in the series is Rome II! :slight_smile:

You’ll have to report back. I played Shogun quite a bit but then got bored, so this may bring me back.

I’ve recently started getting back into Shogun 2. I rarely play to win anymore, I simply…play. Since the game doesn’t end if/when the time runs out on whatever you are doing, you can just keep playing pretty much until you conquer all of Japan, if you like. I generally play now until I’ve researched all the tech, then start again. I like experimenting with various unit mixes, going heavy on musket samurai, say, or cavalry units. I especially like pushing the envelop with siege defenses, seeing how few troops I can use to keep a fortress…or how costly I can make an enemy pay to take one away from me. The AI has gotten noticeably better lately, being able to actually take forts from me if I don’t have enough defenders…it really pushes through attacks and uses it’s troops much better than it used to in earlier games, or even when Shogun 2 first shipped. It’s still not up to snuff on even odds battles (though it’s surprised me plenty of times, or made me pay dearly even with my best armies when the odds are even), but it’s still pretty fun IMHO.

The expansion (the last one I assume) is supposed to be out on the 23rd, so I’m hoping to have some down time to play over the weekend. Unfortunately my traveling laptop isn’t up to playing the game, since I generally use my iPad for stuff I used to use a laptop for and haven’t upgraded it in several years, but am going to at least try and play this weekend since I’m going to be home on Friday.


Heh, yeah - I was playing the earlier Rise of the Samurai DLC campaign earlier and got completely stymied when the enemy just put a great honking mass of archers at extreme range of my fortress walls and methodically started burning down the wall covers my men were hiding behind. While I intensely dislike the Shogun 2 style fortresses (Kyoto especially) it made for a very interesting pitched battle. Mostly they just come up to the walls and let themselves be massacred by bow troops.

I’ve also noticed that many-starred generals are significantly more sneaky than their low-starred counterparts. Heck, one even pulled off a perfect pincer trap that I walked straight into and lost a Stack of Doom to. I actually saved that replay somewhere.

But really, the star of the Shogun 2 series is the Drop-In Battles. Fighting against humans in control of your opposing armies, especially when fighting with full stacks, is probably the most fun I’ve had with RTS multiplayer since the WC3/TFT Golden Days.

And I’ve already got the DLC pre-ordered. I’m somewhat concerned that they’ve been developing the tech to shoehorn in a World War 1 game, which I don’t fancy at all. But it definitely can be interesting.

One of the new things, for those who haven’t been paying attention to the press, is that ships are now capable of artillery barrages against naval towns and armies close enough to shore. Heck, if you’re fighting a land battle on the shore inside a ship’s radius of control, you can even bring down naval bombardment to the fight! There’s a significant something-like-13 second delay with a marker shot to give you warning, so it’s not going to be a game-breaker, but it’s definitely a way to make me prioritize naval superiority. (Which has been a hassle and a bother, as ships are way too expensive to build and maintain and for very little reason.)

ETA: On a historical note, the Tom Cruise vehicle The Last Samurai, was set in roughly the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion context. This game seems to be set during the Boshin War in 1868-1869. Turns are going to be just a few weeks long, they say, so we’re going to have to pay attention to winter attrition to a much larger degree.

It came out and for a change I’m actually home to play games. It’s pretty cool…a lot like empire, but with samurai and such. I’ve just started a campaign, and it’s been pretty fun so far. It’s pretty slow paced though. Oh…and watch out in your naval battles. I’ve fought two so far, and in both I had a capital ship blow up aver only a few hits. Might be just bad luck, but having a steam frigate blow up in a critical battle is rather unsettling. I lost both engagements so now I have no navy, unfortunately. And ships can now bombard shore installations, so I’ll most likely lose this campaign, despite some success on land.


I will start by being facetious, and say that now, with Fall of the Samurai, I finally have the ability to use Shogun 2 to play another game, Empire, that I already own, and have played to exhaustion.

But, alternately, I will say that I’m having a good time with Shogun 2 and with Fall, it’s a tight and well-crafted game, and - rare for an expansion, even one this prodigous - the game is differentiated enough that I can see playing both simultaneously, or rather, that my time spent on one does not exhaust my interest in the other.

Anyone want to form a Doper clan for Avatar Conquest?

One of the things I’m impressed by is how effective artillery is- the artillery in Empire always seemed somewhat lacklustre, so I’m glad that’s been rectified.

I’m also really, really hoping we’ll see Total War: Victoria at some point too, especially since it wouldn’t take much to nudge the era out to include World War I as an expansion.

Interestingly, Empire is still the strongest selling Total War title, apparently.

I’m probably gonna wait for this one to come down in price, as I’m occupied with other games as the moment. I was interested to see railroads in the previews for this, though. Any word on how they’re implemented?

If all goes as planned, we’ll have Total War: Civilization by 2024.

Hell, I’m hoping for Zulu: Total War, specifically. If only for the sweet soundtrack, but also for getting the chance to march an Impi or fifty on Cape Town. Or Boma. Or London. :wink:

And Myth: Total War is still on track, so far!

Not very well - you can only build them in certain provinces, can’t choose the routes, and there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of (in-game) logic as to why some provinces can have a railway and others can’t. Nifty idea, though.

The Victorian era is so completely full of “Little Wars” (plus some much bigger ones) that would be ideal for the Total War series, so I was really very surprised when they set Empire in the 18th century (with special early 19th century appearance by Napoleon!)

But yes, Zulu: Total War would be an awesome DLC campaign for Victoria: Total War. Even in Empire, there’s something delightfully counter-factual about using East India Company Indian Sepoys to invade Spanish Central America. :stuck_out_tongue: