Total War: Warhammer Reviews (86 metacritic right now)

So this game is coming out on Tuesday. It takes the tried and true Total War Formula - usually set in historical places and times, and mashes it with the fantasy world of Warhammer.

I love Total War, I’m pretty sure it’s my most played series, even though I haven’t liked all of the titles (Attila - minus the Charlemagne DLC - and Empire being my least favorite), and even though several of their games have ranged from lacking to broken at release.

On the other hand I have very little knowledge of Warhammer. Never got into the table top war game, never got into any of the games, save enjoying the Dawn of War II campaign but that was 40K and more pure RTS game.

But it looks like CA has done a good job with this one. Early reports say it’s stable, runs well, and the AI is not only not broken, but improved from Attila. Metacritic is averaging an 86, with most reviewers giving it 8’s and 9’s.

I’ve got Stellaris in the brain right now, but I’m leaning heavily towards purchasing on release. The last thread I started on this game was filled with doubters. Anyone change their mind? Still waiting, not picking up?

I’m almost certainly going to pick it up eventually. I, too, am currently obsessed with Stellaris, though.

I’m actually taking an unofficial but extended break from Total War. I played the hell out of everything from the first Rome to FotS. I got Rome II right at release and played a long campaign probably about 80% of the way to victory. Then I got frustrated by the updates changing my public order ratings and otherwise screwing up my carefully managed territories. I stopped playing for what I assumed would be a day or two, but it’s turned out the be years. I haven’t played Attila at all, but I’m sure it’s a fine game. I kind of want to wrap up that Rome II campaign before I move on to another Total War title, though. I suspect it’ll be a bit of a slog, so I haven’t gotten around to it.

Sounds like a great game. Will have to check it out.

Preloading :stuck_out_tongue:

TWW looks great. I pre-ordered it back when Chaos Warriors was the pre-release bonus. With the first big patch coming for Stellaris (which I love) coming shortly after the release of TWW… well, it is going to be a battle for my gaming hours I think.

I just pre-purchased it, perhaps against my better judgment. I have this strange impression that in theory I’ll love the game, even though the preview haven’t exactly knocked my socks off. A high fantasy Total War game? Yes please.

Whether it can pry me away from Stellaris remains to be seen.

What time is this launching tomorrow?

I got hyped for this last month, and hated that I needed to wait. Then to fill my swords and sorcery jones I got back into ESO. Now I’m having fun with that and will probably hold of on it for a while at least.

Several reviews have said this is the best Total War game that CA has ever put out.

The preorder bonus (Chaos Warriors) extends a week past launch, so I’ll be watching the post-launch reviews pretty closely once actual players get a hand on the game and it’s getting some play in the wild on real-world rigs. I still have not forgotten the Rome II launch, but I have to admit that things are looking really good.

I’ve been watching Legend of Total War on Youtube and from his gameplay so far it looks like this game isn’t nearly as much of a grind as Attila and gets rid of some of the annoying mechanics of that game. The Vampire Counts look like they would be absolute fun to play as.

Nonetheless, this goddamn game is $71.99 CAD. I’ll wait for a sale.

I can’t believe this game exists.

I got it for 20% off at GMG.

I really want to get this. However, at least for the moment, I’m holding off, for two reason:

First, the summer sales are right around the corner. Two, I forgot why I wanted to avoid Rome 2 and mistakenly picked that up. Even after all the patching, it’s a complete disaster and not worth the time or money. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to hold on for now and get this one later.

That said, it sounds as though they’ve finally gotten just enough spice into the quality mechanics that it really resulted in something special. I’m definitely interested, and hopefully I’ll be able to get it down the line. Also, if people are interested, Green Man Gaming is supposed to have a discounted launch sale.

Have you tried Rome II? It’s night an day from launch. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The only main issue I have with it is the lack of a family tree.

Having a lot of fun with it, though I miss the customization aspect of Warhammer.

Love playing as the Dwarves, so far. Those guys can really bear a grudge. I’m interested if the can’t-conquer-everything aspect will keep the second half of the game into devolving into such a chore. And I’m really exited about the confederation aspect.

As per my post, yes I did. In fact, I never played the unptached edition. It was so bad I couldn’t keep playing. Even after the patching and “fixes”, it’s still so bad it might actually be the worst Total War game. And after Empire and some of the worse Expansions, that’s saying something.

The game is so grossly inferior to Shogun 2 I’m absolutely astounded it could have come from the same company.

Yea, Rome 2 was bizarre. TW games are always kinda dysfunctional, but since they’re basically variations on the same theme, they at least have generally improved on the last iteration, since they get to learn from the previous outings.

But despite not only being similar to previous games, but even revisiting the setting of one of them, Rome 2 was crazy broken, including mechanics that had worked well in previous games.

So I’ll probably wait on Warhammer as well.

Well, don’t expect this game to be discounted in the summer sale. They generally don’t do that for brand new games. If you mean that you can expect to pick up enough other games to keep you busy for months at a fraction of the cost of TWW, then yeah, that’s fair.

So, any first-hand experiences from Dopers? I watched a friend play 2 hours through Steam streaming and we were both having fun. The tutorial gives you Karl Franz to play and you mostly fight other Empire splinter factions so it’s not quite crazy high fantasy right off the bat other than the lords and heroes being ridiculously powerful compared to a normal human.

I’m not a TW expert and I wasn’t playing so I can’t really comment on the gameplay but as a Warhammer fan it was great hearing the armies yell “For Sigmar!” and seeing the familiar map of the Empire. There’s some quest battles that have speeches and so on too for some extra doses of lore.

The second, although I might pick up other Total War games, as there’s a high chance they will be heavily discounted. And, hey, the Christmas sales aren’t so far away that I can’t possibly wait, and we’ll likely see two patches and an expansion for TW:W by then anyway.

Also, why didn’t they call this “Total Warhammer”?