Totally Inappropriate Movie Experiences

That is to say, have you ever taken someone to the movies only to find out –too late- that this is the absolute wrong picture for them.

Case in point.

My then-girlfriend / now-wife and I went to see **Leaving Las Vegas ** with her mother. The film had gotten good reviews and everyone likes Nicholas Cage. What could go wrong?

At this time, I need to point out that my now-mother-in-law is a devote Catholic who is very particular about the content of the movies she sees. If watching a movie at her home, she not only averts her eyes if there is any form of nudity but will insist that those scene are fast forwarded.

Anyway, while **Leaving Las Vegas ** isn’t particularly graphic or disturbing, I cringed at some of the dialogue which I wouldn’t give a second thought to but with the present company, I was mortified. She never said anything about it to me personally but I vowed from then on to be a bit more selective when planning a group movie outing.

On a related noted, I remember a former colleague of mine describing his first date with the woman he eventually married. It was a casual affair and on the spur of the moment, they decided to take in a movie. They saw a poster for the movie Cruising and since it starred Al Pacino, then they figured it had to be good.

For those not in the know, the film is about Al Pacino’s cop character trying to track down a bad guy in the gay community and includes several very realistic S & M scenes.

Despite the unsettling beginning to their courtship all’s well that ended well.

I tried watching Blue Velvet with my mom once. Big mistake. She insisted on rewinding the tape, and I didn’t see the second half of the movie until a few years later. (She is famous for walking out of Pulp Fiction in the theater during the overdose/needle scene, so at least she missed the male rape/S&M scene.)

Strangely, my parents loved most of the humor in Clerks and Mallrats, although I tried to dissuade them from watching them with me.

A former coworker took her aunt to see Good Will Hunting. Only her aunt was a nun. :eek:

A current coworker’s first date with her husband was to see The Passion of the Christ. Huge date movie, that one.

Not knowing much about it, I once rented Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills when my parents were in town. We had to stop it about halfway through – just too raunchy for them.

After they left, we watched the rest of it. It turned us into Paul Bartel fans.

I haven’t seen it in years: what in Good Will Hunting would be especially disturbing to a nun?

Ben Affleck, of course. Nuns are only human after all.

There’s an excessive amount of profanity–well, I don’t think it’s excessive, but from the story, Aunt Sister sure did. :slight_smile:

Took my saintly, elderly grandmother to see Robocop in the theater for some reason. Poor thing, what with the shotgunning and all, etc.

My parents went to see the South Park movie when they were both in their 60s. I have no idea why, they didn’t have Comedy Central and had never seen an episode. They both loved it, much to my surprise.

My now husband and I went to a movie for our first date.

We went to see Fear .

I was a little concerned about his state of mind after, but it all worked out.

My mother tells me about when she was a child and her church youth group was taken to see this film , apparently on the mistaken belief that it was a nice film about a church.

I went with my grandmother to see Swimming Pool. But then again, she sees almost everything, so I suppose it wasn’t *that *bad.

I rented Lost in Translation for me and my wife to see together with her parents.

Aside from being the most boring movie I ever sat through, the scene in the strip club where Bill Murray is sitting there listening to the music blast “If you wanna feel my titties…” OMG, was I red-faced.

My wife and I took our Teenage daughter and her friend to see election – hearing it was a really good comedy. It had Matthew Broderick and while there was nothing in it that would upset us, we were very uncomfortable with the sex-tape scene in relation to our 14 yr. old and her friend.

Worst first date movie ever;

There was no second date.

My wife was busy one evening, but her sister and I decided to watch A History of Violence which had just arrived via Netflix. I didn’t know much about the movie except that it was violent (duh) and I warned her, but she didn’t mind.

It was therefore quite embarassing for both of us during the cheerleader sex scene. We managed to get through it, awkwardly. Then my wife came in and, having read about the movie, teasingly asked if we had made it through the sex scene yet. Embarassed, I said yes. Then she said “I read that doing it on the stairs like that was really hard for the actors.” SIL and I winced, because we realized we had at least one more sex scene to look forward to seeing together…

The last movie we saw with our mother was “The Planet of the Apes”. Throughout the movie, I was convinced that the director of the movie was trying his darndest to show to my mother Charleston Heston’s naughty bits!! :eek:

There’s the hilarious blowjob, simulated semen joke that Minnie Driver tells.
In high school my first girlfriend and I went to see Pulp Fiction chaperoned by my parents… awwwkkwwwwarrrddddd. Then the movie ran later then we expected so my girlfriend was going to be in trouble for missing curfew. So my mom decided to walk my girlfriend up to her house to explain to her parents… my girlfriend being shy in the first place and being embarassed didn’t mention her parents were nudists… awwwwkkkkwaaaarrrrdddd.

I finally received my Netflix copy of Pink Flamingoes while my mom was staying with me for a few days. Decided to go ahead and watch it. Mom is fine. I’m scarred for life.

I don’t know how we ended up with it. I guess my dad must have rented it. He had heard it was a good movie and I had heard the same somewhere along the line (almost definitely someone older telling someone else older) None of us knew anything more about it
but one night, there it was in the house. My parents went out and I was left with my little sisters. Nobody had seen it yet but my dad suggested that we watch one of the movies he had rented.

My sisters were about eight and eleven and I was thirteen.

The movie was Trainspotting. The three of us sat there getting more and more uncomfortable. The middle sister had the remote and I kept telling her to turn it off, but she just said if I didn’t want to watch it I should leave. I finally just went up and turned the TV off at the dead baby scene.