Totally rediculous things I want to build

Here are some rediculous ideas I have come up with while day-dreaming. I’ll actually built them one day, when I’m Rich and Famous.

  1. A giant hydroelectric dam accross the Gulf of Mexico

  2. A supersonic maglev train that goes from Tokyo to Hawaii to LA to Chicago to New York City to Paris, and back again. (It would also carry freight.) It would have comfy seats, with at least four feet of leg-room available.

  3. A really tall skyscraper built on four “legs,” each of which occupies an entire city block in Manhatten.

  4. An enourmous air-well with a footprint of a square mile in the middle of some Big Hot Dessert, to supply enough water for agriculture on said dessert.

  5. An ICBM Nerf gun.

You know those speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi? I want to build a full size one of those. Not functional of course, I just want one in my garage.

Odd because I’d want to build it myself, and I’ve never built anything more complicated than a snap-together model. I also have no knowledge of metal working. What the hell, I figure with all those “technical” Star Wars books it couldn’t be too difficult.

Ever since I saw the “battle-'bots” on Leno, I’ve wanted to build one! One of these days I’m gonna take a whole pile of money (and study 'lectronics, welding, and stuff like that!), and build me one a those!! :smiley:

I may neot even compete with it… may just use it to chase the fiancee around the house! :smiley:

I want to build a giant ring around the world about 6’ off the ground and kick the supports out all at once to see if it would hover. sure it would require moving a few mountan ranges and more materials than any other construction project built by man, not to mention serving no actual “purpose”, but hey, when you’re a bazilionare, you can do these things for fun.

You can have robots build it for you, and they can be powered by my giant hydroelectric dam!!

I’m not sure if a dam across the Gulf of Mexico would be worth the trouble. How much water actually flows out of (or into) the gulf? I read somewhere about a hypothetical dam across the Straight of Gibraltar. It turns out that water actually flows through the straight and into the Mediterranean. More water evaporates from the surface of the Med than flows into it from all the rivers, so more water has to come in from the Atlantic. If a dam were built across the Straight, the water level in the Mediterranean would go down.

I’m not sure what the water flow in the Gulf of Mexico is like. But if the water does flow out of the gulf, there’s a second problem. Generally you build a dam to start accumulating water behind it, and the water level rises. New Orleans would have to change its name to New Venice pretty quickly.

Or is that what you had in mind?

Can I build the rollercoaster that goes up the side?

Can I build the really big bowl and really big spoon to eat the Big Hot Dessert with? :smiley:

:ducks, swerves, avoids fridge:

You see, the water flow doesn’t matter. You build the dam, then pump all the water out of the Gulf of Mexico. You have an entire ocean on the other side to then provide hydro power as the Gulf fills back up! Of course, you don’t let it fill up, you do it at a rate so it evaporates at a rate equal to what you let in from the ocean.

Dammit., dammit sonofabitch. I always get those two mixed up.


i always wanted to build my own Dome out in international waters, and have a bunch of citizenshipless people come live there. Then after a while, their kids would be citizens of my dome, and i could hold gladdiator events for rich rich people… and become even richer

friedo, you might be able to harness the Gulf Stream. Water would enter your Gulf Reservoir in the south and exit in the north!

I’ve wanted a trebuchet big enough to launch a Cadillac ever since Dave Berry wrote about some guys who were building one big enough to launch a Buick. I don’t want to upstage them, but it would be cool to have the biggest car catapult around.

I once challenged my AP physics students to build a digital sundial. IT CAN BE DONE!! They decided not to. Now I havta get off my can and do the math. Does anybody know my latitude?