Totoro is kinda lame

Finally saw the Japanese cartoon “Totoro”. Overall I really liked it, great depiction of a 4 year old kid, most realistic I’d ever seen. But the character Totoro, the big overweight spinning guy, was kinda lame. Didn’t excite me much, despite the build-up my kids gave it. I was rather disappointed. Neko-basu, or Catbus, was really awesome, tho. Much more heroic than Totoro. Even got a poster of Catbus in my office now, a great conversation piece.

Thought about posting this in MPSIMS, but since I’m kinda flaming Totoro, I guess it goes here.

Damn. I was worried that you were flaming the poster, Totoro. Someone I happen to like, and who’s company and commentary I enjoy.
As it is, I like the movie.

Huh. I thought this was going to be a flame of the poster Totoro. Glad to see it wasn’t, though he may take exception to your opinion on his namesake. :wink:

Holy fuck is that freaky… not only is oldscratch sitting less than a foot from me, he’s reading my mind!

Yeah…well, I see Totoro as a figure that the audience is supposed to project onto. Sure, he doesn’t do much in the movie, but the movie isn’t really about him, it’s about the kids. Their reaction to Totoro is important, but Totoro himself isn’t. IMHO.

OK, what about “Kiki’s Delivery Service”? I kind of thought the kid with the bike was kind of lame. I can see why Kiki was always rude to him, cause he was a dork.

My kid’s got a Totoro poster, too. It’s nice, I guess. She really likes it. I still like Catbus better, tho.

OK, what about “Kiki’s Delivery Service”? I kind of thought the kid with the bike was kind of lame. I can see why Kiki was always rude to him, cause he was a dork. **[/QUOTE]

Yeah, but he’s supposed to be a dork, he’s at that dorky age. The great things about the movie were the accurate portrayal of the 3 main kids, whoever wrote that thing did not idealize kids or childhood, he captured the feel real well. That’s why I was disappointed in Totoro, I’d hoped for more from a supernatural character, other than improved gardening techniques. Not that he was bad, just not as good as I’d hoped, based on the rest of the movie. The parents were a bit lame, tho. And dad would have been busted in this country for bathing with his girls. More pity us, I guess.

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You do know they mean a person with the user name Totoro, not a poster you hang on a wall, right? :wink:

Yeah, I thought it was a little lame. Too bad all the cool shots were in the previews…

My kids haven’t seen it yet (I saw it in 95, pre kids). I think my son will like it - maybe this weekend, as he’s got a bad cold and could use a little treat to cheer him up!


A person with the user name Totoro? Well, that’s very different! Never mind!

I agree that the movie is kind of lame, but then again I’m not a little girl, that seeming to be the target audience.

That being said, I consider the movie priceless for one scene. You know, at the bus stop, with the umbrella and the raindrops, the yell, the glee on the face. . . I count it as one of the funniest scenes ever put to cinema. I make people watch the movie just so they can see that one scene. Sometimes I’ll even pantomime it to people, I love it so.

And the animator is critically acclaimed or something, I don’t know.