"Touching Evil" 3/26

Well, this episode seemed to have the great pacing and sense or urgency from the pilot. There were a couple moments that made me gasp aloud.


  • Again Branca remains a non-character. But at least we learned in this episode that she’s loyal. Next episode? She gets to be a victim. Woo. Hoo.
  • Maybe it’s me but I got confused by the two slightly balding guys in OSC. One is the partner, the other is the boss. D’oh!


  • I had no idea that OSC guy killed Hinks. When Creegan realized it, I gasped aloud. Kinda cool that when his character makes a pronouncement, I take it as fact. I know they need the beginning of the series to establish his credibility but it will be a really good episode when Creegan is wrong.

  • The poor, poor, guy… Brain dead baby = gasp #2. But you reap what you sow.

  • It was nice to see NYPD Blue/Babylon 5 lady again (I totally forget the actress’ name). Though I hope she doesn’t have emphysema. Her character’s flip out was extremely disturbing.

  • Conflicted OSC guy shooting the suspect = gasp #3. But before I was gasping, I was pleading with Creegan “Don’t shoot him. Don’t do it. You can’t shoot a guy in the head. Just remember what happened to you!”

I still don’t know how our hero knew that an OSC agent killed Hinks. He says he sees patterns, but we don’t see why Krakour (sp?) fit the pattern and the other OSC agents don’t.

And let’s talk about Creegan’s giftedness. He told his partner that no agent of God brought him back for a mission. Could it be an agent of some other supernatural agency?

We also find that’s he’s just simply very good at detective work.

We also find that he’s missing the shame portion of his brain, so that enables him to think things and go places others wouldn’t (like take the law in his own hands?).

We also find he can see patterns that other wouldn’t ordinarily see (shades of Monk’s OCD?).

We also find he has sequential something disorder. (Go through door, open it… oops, other way around.) Although, we haven’t seen him physically do things out of order.

And, let’s start a pool… [ul]
[li]how many episodes before he accidentally stumbles upon a lead into finding out who was the masked gunner who shot him in the head? [/li][li]how many times he almost catches that gunner who slips out of his fingers at the last moment[/li][li]whether he’ll catch the gunner before the series is cancelled next year.[/li][/ul]


I don’t understand that. Didn’t he shoot the guy after his child was born?

So why should Creegan rat on the guy who shot Hinks when he would have done it himself? The “no shame” brain thing?

I thought he shot Hinks before the baby was born. He says he shot Hinks so he could never hurt his little girl. If he had known his little girl was brain dead, a “sack of meat”, why would he still shoot Hinks?