Tour De France questions

Can someone point me to a neat list that lays out the original winners of the TDF and the winners after the winner was disqualified for doping? I have a vague memory of the first and second place competitors both being disqualified one year.

Also, do only the stage winners get tested, or is there random testing throughout, or do all racers get tested? I ask because I wonder if it would be possible to sneak through the testing regimen in third place or something, and get the victory when the winners get tossed out for doping.

Can’t answer the first question but for the second=> The winner and leader are tested each day,plus sixto eight randoms. But all riders are tested prior to the raceaccording to this: (In fact, I seem to recall that this year top three winners each stage was tested, as well as randomly.

So no, you couldnt really hope to get away with coming in as no.3 total.

Thanks for that. I think this partially answers my question, although it seems like a definitive list may be a long time coming:

Maybe they should just give the title to the last place finisher, because if he was doping, it wasn’t helping.