Tower of Terror Ad

This may be a local, Orlando thing, since Universal Studios is in our area, so I’ll give a synopsis of their new Tower of Terror ad:

You’re in an elevator (never been on the ride, so I assume its the same gothic-looking elevator as in the ride). The “floor” light keeps changing, to the tune of “Carmina Burana: O Fortuna*”. The change gets faster as the music gets faster. The point of the changing of the floors: “Never the same terror twice”. (They supposedly engineer it to perform differently, I presume)

But here’s the kicker. They totally butcher the music, cutting it at in opportune points, and in addition, use a really lame-sounding version of it as well. I used to cringe when that would come on.

But then I thought: this ad is probably the place that it has been used MOST appropriately, since the “O Fortuna” tracks are ABOUT capricious change. I just dont’ know what to make of someone who uses the song more appropriately than excalibur but has so little respect for its integrity :confused: Or did the semi-literate ad-mongers even realize its meaning?

Has anyone else seen the ad? Comments?

*yes, there are three tracks that could be classified as that, but they butchered it so bad i couldnt tell which one it was.

This attraction is actually at the Disney-MGM Studios in Walt Disney World. They’re both in Orlando.

Why not use the theme from The Twilight Zone? I guess not as exciting and go-with-the-visuals.