Toxins released from massage

My wife had her first ever professional massage, and it was absolutely wonderful. I had one a few years ago and completely agree.

There is one thing that was told to both of us though that I just can’t believe is actual science. We were both told we needed to drink lots of water to wash out the toxins released in the massage.

My wife was less skeptical than I am and seemed to think it was a good idea. I know being well hydrated is good, but is there really anything scientific about the massage releasing “toxins” being rinsed away by the extra water. I don’t really picture muscle tissue releasing “toxins” like a zit releases puss just to be washed away by water that somehow is now rushing thorough your arms and legs to wash out this toxic goo.

I’ll be happy to be shown that I’m wrong and will submit to hours of massage to make amends if necessary.

Random two-second Google search response about this myth.

So how much fun would these boards be if we actually did a google search or looked at Wiki instead of asking the wise souls of this community? :wink:

I hope you had fun. I did. :smiley:

I did… because when she teased me about my attitude she said “why don’t you ask those people on the Straight Dope what they think.” I told her I could probably find something on Google faster, but now I’m off the hook by doing what she wanted and still getting the answer I was looking for.

Just don’t bring up the subject of those foot pads, thinking they work. The Feds have already nailed them.

I just realized the best part… I asked a question about possible “quackery” and got an answer from Duckster… what better authority could you ask for?

But look at all the “toxins” they removed from my dirty feet!!!

I echo the sentiment. :slight_smile:

You don’t fool me… there is no echo.

Wanna bet? :slight_smile:

Pretty much any time someone uses the word ‘toxin’ without specifying exactly what compound is under discussion, it’s quackery.

Am I the only one who ever asks the “removing toxins” claimants just exactly which toxins, and how much of them are removed, and where they go?

Don’t do this unless you are a big fan of the sound of crickets chirping.


I’ve done that at health food stores. Great fun.

Duh… they are washed out… by all that water.

Some people just don’t understand science.

But what if those toxins are homeopathic and removing 99.999% of one makes you 1000000 times more poisoned?

That’ll only happen if you jump up and down a lot inbetween drinking gallons of water.

ETA: And it’ll have a healing effect!

There is a grain of truth, there, if you phrase it right.

Normal massage probably doesn’t remove toxins.

But lymph massage - done by correctly trained experts - helps move the lmyph fluid along, and the main job of the lymph fluid is to remove toxins (generally waste products, but also leftovers from when white cells attack invaders etc.) from the blood and then dump them at the appropriate points. People can have, due to several illnesses, problems with their lymph system not working correctly, which leads to swelling/ bloating because water is retained in the limbs, and is not healthy, so insurance pays for the special massage to get the lymphe moving again.

“Money” is the toxin removed.

Remember that.

But, lymph drains back into the bloodstream. As a prototypical example, check out the thoracic duct.

ETA: And, if by “appropriate points” you mean the lymph nodes, well, maybe, but then, if anything, massage will squeeze stuff out of the nodes.