Toy Gun in Capitol

Don’t know for how long that link will be good. Basically:

So either the TV station fucked up the details, or security at the Capitol blows?

Don’t they have measures in place for just such an occasion? Is there a good reason nobody could stop this bag from getting into the building? All you have to do to circumvent Capitol security is pick up a bag real quick-like?

Ahh, so CNN says it went through the X-ray machine. Which is what I thought they meant from the first story, but they said metal detectors. That makes it even worse!

According to the CNN article, the gun was plastic. C’mon - be it an X-ray machine or a metal detector, one would expect these dipshits would know the difference between a plastic toy and a real gun.

Am I missing something here? :eek:

How would they know the difference between a fake gun and a real gun on the X-ray machine?

Yeah - you’re missing a brain - I’d rather have them err on the side of acting like it is real - if “the image of what appeared to be a revolver (appeared) on the screen”

These guys might take a bullet for you someday if you are visiting the Capitol at the wrong time. Just 4 years ago they buried a couple of their own… so show some God Damn respect.

And if they keep doing things the way they do, they’ll be burying some more.

Usually the best time to take care of these things, is when you see the fucking thing going through the machine.

I was blown away when I heard this.

Perhaps more informaiton will come out. Was a little scary here earlier, though. I got a news alert that said a gunman had entered the Capitol. (Great reporting. Crack staff.)

As with most security issues, problems aren’t addressed until situations like this occur.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

What could this guys point have been going into the Capitol with a toy gun, for which he obviously would have been caught but also obviously couldn’t hurt anybody?

Simple: Plastic doesn’t make the same kinds of shadows metal does. Not by a long shot. Real guns are metal. Toy guns are plastic. They may have the same outline, but the toy will be shady, whereas the real one will be nearly solid black.

NBIT33: Does it hurt, saluting 24/7?

Talked to a friend of mine in TSA. She said that “yes, a seasoned screener would be able to tell the difference between the plastic and metal. Someone less seasoned would not”

But she also said you sound the alarm either way.

Exactly, Spooje.

Derleth, don’t quit your day job. You don’t have the first clue about security.

The story I heard on the radio last night said someone came over and was talking to the screener when the bag in question passed thru. The screener was distracted long enough for the owner of the bag to retrieve it and go in.

If that’s the case, it sounds like some major retraining is in order. What’s the value of a security force that makes such a goof?

“Distracted?” Wow. I’m trying to imagine how that works out IRL:

“OK…that bag had a gun-shaped object in it - I need to take a look at that immediately, but - hey! That dog has a poofy tail! Come here poofy! Here boy! He he he he! (runs off)”

If the sketchy, thirdhand anecdotal and conflicting news reports are true, the person who thought that bringing a toy gun into the Capitol needs serious time in a secure place to re-evaluate several unfortunate life choices. The screener needs to find a new career. IMO.

Possibly by a chatty person that they see every day going through the line. The machines computer may freeze the screen when it finds something ‘objectionable’. If the screeners attention was diverted when the bag went through, then noticed the screen frozen on the item in question…

Yes, this screener needs a new placement. Sadly, though, I hear there is a very high turnover in this line of work. But I could be misinformed.

Here’s what’s being reported this morning.

Let’s hope Osama bin Laden doesn’t know showtunes…

So what are you saying, the majority of screeners don’t know what they’re doing? Should I feel safe in an airport run by inexperienced staff? :eek:

Are you a politician?

Oops! :smack: latest news on the brain.

Make that government office run by inexperienced staff.


And if you do, perhaps you should go the fuck down there and fix everything.