Toyota peddling perpetual motion machine?

I thought this toyota commercial was kinda funny, in the underhanded way that it suggests that Toyota hybrid technology (totally legit and respected) might magically be used to run a roller coaster in a “self-sustaining” way of some sort. Is it just me or is this commercially totally inane and insulting to all the engineers who put a lot of work and effort into this?


Ummm link doesn’t work… Well at least for me anyway.

Yeah, I was like “Bwhaaaa?” when I saw that commercial as well.

Yeah, I saw that commercial and wondered “how is it going to get up that first hill?” :dubious:

They’re “pedaling” not “peddling” the new technology. That coaster is going up because the riders are moving their feet Flintstone-style.

If anyone can make a perpetual motion machine, it’s Toyota.

Problem being to try to get it to stop, right?

This is not really perpetual motion or a far fetched idea either! It is simply stating the wasted energy could be recovered much in the same way it is in the hybrid drive, even more so in cases like this with great potential energy with the downhill run most of which is wasted! Meaning it could run almost for free, minus the losses due to friction and heat! Everyone that lives in oil country is familiar with the sight of pump jacks which because of their 3 phase motors produce almost as much electricity on the down stroke as it takes on the upstroke! Because of this electric companies install one way meters so they don’t run almost for free! The coaster idea could be easily implemented, just think what this would mean if it was used in every plausible case!

Same here. Did that guy just suggest that Toyota technology could be used to make a roller coaster run perpetually?

Zing! :slight_smile: