Toyota shooting for a hydrogen powered car by 2015: Realistic? Will it help?


In addition, appearently GM is also shooting for hydrogen power

So, just how feasible is this plan? How obtainable is this goal? If Toyota and GM actually bring such a car to market, will it sell? Will it spell the end of traditional gasoline/diesel powered cars? How long would such a transition take to convert from traditional fuels to hydrogen powered vehicles? And most importantly…IF we were to go to hydrogen powered vehicles, will this help to control the green house/global warming/climate change effect? If so, how much/little?

One possible problem pointed out in the article (I’m sure there are others):

I remember reading that Shell and GM were doing some trials in DC with hydrogen powered vehicles/filling stations but don’t know if they every got off the ground.

My other question is…if the US doesn’t start building up its nuclear power capability, where will all the hydrogen come from assuming hydrogen powered vehicles ever come to market?


Seems viable… I just wonder if they are going to sell enough of them to make it feasible economically.

The US has a lot of untapped hydroeletric potential no ? Besides petroleum will still be necessary for all sorts of stuff, from plastic to aircraft fuel… so the cars might be clean… but the source of the energy might still be “dirty”. Good for the cities… but not much change overall.