TP: Over or under and why?

Over, in spite of having two cats. I haven’t had a problem yet with these particular cats, but one of my former ones unrolled an entire roll once, then dragged it around from room to room.

Over. It’s more visible and one side isn’t stuck against the wall and behind a big fat cylinder. Plus it’s easier to spin it towards me than away from me.

What’s with all of the restroom polls? I think I’m going to start one now in relation to this one.

Anyhoo… I install it going over. I despise people going under (all of my roommates) WHY? Because I’m so used to it going in one direction… so what get’s me is when I can’t find the end and I continue to roll it… but unknowingly in the wrong direction!

Over. That way, I know why the damn edge is not visible, instead of turning around the roll looking for the edge. Also it sort of looks neater to me, as the paper sits on the roll, instead of hanging about.

It’s not random, but it’s one of those universal debates that will never be settled, like abortion or the existence of God. The answer is clearly “over” but everyone can’t be convinced.

Whichever way I took it out of the cabinet to put it on the roll. Don’t care, don’t notice. Since my kid’s bathroom has it random too, I guess they don’t care or notice either. That is when they bother putting it on the roll at all.

Over the top. In part because the design of our holder means that if you do it the other way you’ll scrape your knuckles raw on the z-brick behind it if you do it the other way. It also hangs so close to the z-brick that you can’t grab it.

But I preferred it that way even before then.

I’m an over, my husband’s an under but neither of us cares enough to get cross about it.
We have an open bar holder so it’s simple enough to slide off the roll and turn it around if ya feel ya must. I don’t have a big reason for my preference, it just seems easier to me.

Now that’s just plain WEIRD! I’m an over, my wife’s an under, and while I know I’m right, I can accept that there may be reasons why the under brigade might misguidedly believe they are.

But not caring which way round it is? That’s just crazy talk! :eek:

Everything you just said is a vote for over the top, IMO.

I have had hella passive agressive freezeouts from roommates who disagree…

I hate under- it always ends up in the back, and you can never get a clean rip- it just unrolls all the way to the floor if you jerk on it…

Over the top is the only way. Under gets up against the wall and why do you need to be fumbling around back behind the roll anyway?

I know. Behind the roll is where the spiders always hide.

Over. Roll looks nicer without a tail when the end is sitting on top (and visible) instead of paper hanging down the wall. If you keep the roll neat the other way then you have to search around for the end in the back. Why bother?

Over the top. Then again, I wipe standing up, so I’m probably just a freak.

Over. Under causes the loose end that you’re supposed to grab to stick to the wall or vanity when there’s humidity from a long hot shower or bath. Nobody wants to peel wet toilet paper off the wall to use it on themselves. All other aesthetic considerations take a back seat to this, unless you don’t have any hot water. In terms of practical considerations, an exception can be made for mischievous pets.

I worked in a hospital once and a guy came in with a huge splinter under his fingernail. It squicked me out to no end. He did this by reaching behind the bed and a sliver of paneling from the wall got under his fingernail. I do not have paneling in my bathroom, but I do have this thing about my fingernails scraping against walls now, so - over, every time and I’ll take the roll off and fix it if someone puts it on otherwise.
Ugh, I’m squicked out all over again.

You don’t find it easier to wipe when you’re cheeks are already separated in the sitting position? I guess you’d have to manually spread your own cheeks when standing?

We really *are *getting to the meat of the question, aren’t we?

Nice username for this thread. No, I don’t have to manually spread my cheeks. It’s almost exactly the same as wiping while sitting :confused: I don’t like doing it while sitting b/c one time I did that and my hand went into the water. Never again after that. Now it’s just habit.

Over the top. If it hangs the other way it ends up sitting against the wall, meaning I scrape the wall with my fingernails trying to get hold of the end.