TP: Over or under and why?

Is there a rationale behind this or is it just habit or personal preference with no thought put into it? I’ve noticed that many seem to have a preference/habit, but never really gotten into the discussion with anyone.

Me, I always install the roll with the paper flowing out on the bottom. Why? Partly habit, but when I was recently questioning myself on the issue (hey, I didn’t have anything to read handy, what else are you gonna do?) I realized that the reason I prefer this is that it is much easier to manipulate that way. You have the leverage of the roll to pull up against when tearing off, and don’t have to use two hands or do weird angles to get a fast, clean tear going.

Also, you have gravity working for you…the edge tends to fall down for easy future access, as opposed to sitting on the top of the roll or behind it.

I HATE over the top tp rolls, most often encountered in public restrooms, it seems. Only thing I hate worse in this area are those big rolls of very thin, newsprint-like tp that you have to manhandle and tear off 10 times just to get enough to wipe after peeing and you STILL get your fingers wet. Economical, I’m sure, but frustrating as hell to the customer! Oh, and starting a new roll, and some are a BITCH to get going! I’ve been known to, in the middle of the night or when otherwise not up for doing a careful dissection, just rip into the top several layers just to get to an end already. Can we NOT produce a roll of tp that doesn’t require bright lights and a scalple to get rolling?

But I suspect that for all my well thought out reasons, it comes down to what I am used to and is just a silly little anal hang-up (no pun intended:D)

(can you tell I REALLY need a job? This is getting ridiculous, lol!)

I always have it over the top. My husband puts it (on the rare occasion he changes it) from the bottom. The only time I’ve put it from the bottom was when I had toddlers or kittens. Seems it’s easier for them to pull the tissue when it goes over the top. And yes, you do need a job!:smiley:

I didn’t mean to imply that my cats use the toilet and use toilet paper–

Top. It’s how hotels do it, it looks better to me, and it’s easier to reach from the front, than reach under the back.

It’s one of those silly things you never, ever, EVER tell your roommate though, because thereafter they will do the opposite. It’s like how the toothpaste gets squeezed. If a roommate ever asked me, I’d say “under” thereby guaranteeing it’ll be placed my way. Assuming of course, your roommate ever changes the role.

Over. It was one of the questions I asked my wife when we were just getting to know each other.

Good thing she gave the right answer!

Over. The end is just right there, waiting for you; under, you have to fumble/feel a little for it. Not that this is total proof of the correct way, but if you buy tp with any kind of a design or print (we don’t,) it’s meant to be placed over; otherwise the design is facing down.

Oh, you over the top people are just SOOO wrong on SOOO many levels!

Seriously, thanks for the input.

And yes, I DO need a job…been searching for a few weeks now, and having to channel my vast energy and creativity into stuff like this to keep from pulling my hair out. It’s so unfair, to me and the teeming millions who end up subjected to my mania.

It’s because of the cats that we go with Under. Also, it’s easier to get a tear-off without rolling off more than you need. Of course, that may just be technique.


Look, the only way I’m goona spin off yard of tissue without reaching over and using two hands, resulting in one ass cheek lifting and losing the cheek spread and thereby increasing the fouled area of my ass is by slapping the top down and sideways and tearing off the ream using the same hand.

For me, over is the default. Under is used only when a pet or child might try to unroll great amounts of paper by clawing downwards on the outside of the roll; in these situations, an under roll will not unwind.

Ahh, NOW we’re getting into the nitty gritty. See? If we put some thought into this, it CAN be interesting. :wink:

And I don’t think my topic is anymore random than a lot of what I’ve seen here. (not that there’s anything WRONG with random, of course:))

I’m an Over kinda guy. I don’t know why, really, I’ve just always done that.

I can’t wait to point out to my husband that 10 out 10 households actually succeed in putting the toilet paper on the roll! See? See!

Under. The roll is to my right, attached to the side of vanity. I can yank it down, then put on the brakes *and *tear it off by bending my wrist in a flicking motion.

Seriously? Over? I just hate the way over looks. Under is so much neater.

I mean, my bathroom is a giant magazine-and-old-toilet-paper-roll fire hazard, but I like the way the toilet paper looks.

FINALLY! Some reason!

Under rules.

All us intelligent folks agree. :slight_smile:

I also vote “under” (although both directions are basically “under”, with gravity–the differentiation should be ‘rolls wallwards atopside with freeend along wall’ or ‘rolls free-end roomwards’, no?) Wallwards, please. Neater. tidier. Can grab, secure roll with side of hand, and turn wrist inwards to sever paper.

Under. Cats. Manny will unroll the whole roll onto the floor (he has proven to me many times) if I do over. For some reason he doesn’t bother it when I do it under.

I have always been under the impression that having cats was the only logical excuse for going underhand.

I’ve never had a cat pay any interest in the TP. I just wish I could keep them from thinking of the toilet as a kitty pool.