Traceability of Google Drive

Hey guys,

I am an University student who’s trying to help fellow students at my U.
I am trying to make a series of Google Drive accounts where notes and other material such as scans of textbooks, practice exams and lecture videos can be posted. The ridiculousness of nearly all textbooks being custom editions and overpriced is what prompted me to do this.

Any advice for getting it started?

However, I do have a major concern if I choose to start this project.
The Google Drive will be restricted and people will need approval from me to access it (tbh a rather useless security measure), and I plan for it to spread from student to student. Therefore, eventually, a student will rat it out and tell a teacher. Eventually, word will reach a teacher who decides to do something about it.

As the Gmail account attached to the Drive is made with false credentials, and the account is only ever logged into from public wifi sources, I am wondering if it can be traced back to me somehow?
Is violation of copyright and sharing notes a serious enough offense for them to try and trace the account in the first place?

Thanks Dope

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While I have a lot of sympathy for you regarding the cost of textbooks and such, the fact remains that this would be a copyright violation. as you seem to be well aware of, and as such, it may not be discussed on the SDMB.

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