Tracfone 'SIM card rejected' message?

The SO bought a new Tracfone. She put the SIM card from her old Tracfone in it, and it said ‘SIM card rejected’. When I replaced my AT&T phone, all I had to do was put in my old SIM card and I was good to go.

What’s the deal?

Tracfone doesn’t work that way. You’ll need to keep the new phone’s SIM card with the new phone, then go to and select Activate Phone->Transfer Number. This should allow you to transfer your phone number and existing minutes to the new phone.

It happens to me several times a week. I usually, as in, if I remember, turn my phone off every night. In the morning, it either starts right up, or I get that message. I turn the phone off and turn it right back on and it’s fine.