Tracks on a live album -- why the same error when I put them on my computer?

Over the past several weeks, I have been merrily filling up my new iPod with songs. And, almost without fail, every time I try to put live tracks on my computer in preparation for moving them to my iPod, I get the same error at the very end of the track – there’s this annoying repeating sound, as if the track were beginning to play backwards or something. Is there something special about live albums that cause them to be prone to this? Interestingly, the only non-live album that this has happened to me (that I can recall, anyway) is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, which, like a live album, is a continuous piece as opposed to being broken up into discrete songs.

(Apologies in advance if this thread runs afoul of moderator concerns over copyright. I am talking about albums I purchased legally, if that makes a difference.)

This may or may not have something to do with it, but many moons ago I had a fancy cassette player that would fast forward to a particular track. Except that it wouldn’t work on Dark Side of the Moon or large parts of Wish You Were Here because the player was searching for 4 seconds of silence to denote a new track.

Are you recording these albums from an analog medium (vinyl or cassette) or from a digital medium (CD)? If it’s analog, that lack of a specific separator between tracks may be the root of the error. If it’s digital, then I haven’t got clue one.

It’s from a CD.