Tractors: Do You Have a Bagging Murray?

I know, I started this thread.

But, I need to know if any SDopers have a riding Murray tractor with a bagger? If so, please tell me how you like it, and what size mower you have (hp and blade size). We’re considering buying one. We own a Murray push mower which has performed well (with a Briggs and Stratton engine), but the bagger sucks. Also, supposedly it has mulching features attached on the underside, but it doesn’t impress me. It’s just a fancy term for grass clippings that I have to rake!

I’d hate to put out all that money out for a bagger that doesn’t perform. Any advice? We’re considering the $800-$1000 range riding mower. Is there any hope for getting a tractor with a good bagger in this price range?

  • Jinx