Trade Shows

Im doing some research, looking into opening a retail store in the next two years.

How do i find out when and where trade shows will be happening in my area. (Minneapolis/St. Paul metro)

Your local Convention & Visitors Bureau is probably your best shot. Most CVBs publish advance bookings, at least those booked through the bureau. They might ask you join before parting with their list, which is periodically updated. However, be aware it’s not unusual for some groups to book into the city without the CVB being involved. Generally speaking, these bookings will be meetings based in hotels vs. those that require convention center usage. I don’t know how the MSP bureau works, but these types of meetings may not be included on the CVB list. Depending on who your clientele might be, you might look into a local chapter of this organization:

PS: W/regard to Tradeshows (vs. conventions), some will book directly with a convention center. This info may or may not be included in CVB materials.