Trader Joe's Curry Simmer Sauce

I’ve been a fan of Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce for a long time. Just chop up some chicken thighs (or potatoes and carrots), add the sauce, and simmer it for a bit. I’m making some chicken curry and rice for breakfast right now.

I’d like to try other things though. I bought an Indian cookbook based on a recommendation here a while ago, but haven’t made anything from it yet. Haven’t had the time. So I was wondering if any of you have tried other pre-made curry sauces, which brands you like, where to get them, and how you like them compared to TJ’s.

I like the TJ’s stuff. I’ve also used products from Patak’s (usually available at larger grocery stores). It’s a paste that you can mix with yogurt, mincemeat or other things. A jar will spice many meals, as opposed to the simmer sauce. Both have good flavors. We use the simmer sauce from TJ’s for very quick meals.

I also make stuff from scratch, too. We probably have Indian food once a week, and almost always homemade.

Patak’s is my brand of choice. TJ’s tastes a bit “dumbed down” for my tastes. Patak’s has much stronger and assertive flavors, and tastes closer to what you might get at the curry house down the street.

Sounds exactly like what I’d like.

(Unfortunately there are no Indian restaurants down the street. One of the differences between here and L.A. :frowning: )

Do you mean “minced meat” in the British sense as ground beef, or like the stuff you put in pies at Xmas?

Like pies at Christmas. I was skeptical when I first heard it, but it actually tastes really good. About half a cup of minced meat (not the brandied kind) and three heaping spoonfuls of Patak’s with chicken and vegetables. Serve over rice. While not very authentic, it is very tasty.

I guess it’s not that different than chutney. Who’da thought.

I think that’s the idea. And lots of Indian dishes have raisins in them, as does my minced meat. Although, depending on where you are, it can be very difficult to find minced meat other than at Christmas time.

What’s weird is I see a lot of recipes for “curry” with raisins in them, but I cannot remember a single time being in an Indian restaurant, whether general or regional (Gujarati, Punjabi, Goan, etc…) and being served a main dish with raisins (or apples, another popular ingredient for curries in American cookbooks).

Am I just not ordering the right things, am I not eating from the right region in India, or is the whole raisins/apples/fruit thing more of a Western interpretation?

I’ve used Seeds of Change simmer sauces and I thought it was pretty good, though I would have liked the flavor to be more aggressive.

I’ve eyed the Trader Joe’s simmer sauces, maybe I’ll pick one up next time I’m there. And they have frozen Naan- has anyone tried that?

I need to go back to bed. While I’m interested in what this thread is actually about, I swear to god I read this as “Trading Joe Strummer’s sauce” and had no idea what that could be about. :smiley: