Trader Joe's

This is really MPSIMS, but I’ll bet there will be a food discussion so I’m putting it here.

It’s Fall. That means it’s getting dark early, and it’s more likely to be raining than not. So with the sun out today I decided it would be a good day to hop in the old roadster and do a little topless motoring. But where? How about Trader Joe’s? When I lived in L.A. I had three TJs within two miles of my apartment. (Not that many that close last time down, but multiple ones within five miles or so.) Up here? Everett. 80 miles. But whaddya gonna do?

I drove to Everett and had a ball doing it. I bought two bags of stuff. And then I found out that they finally opened a Trader Joe’s in Bellingham two weeks ago. So I drove 120 miles that I didn’t have to. In the MGB. :smiley:

Say, you know I made pecan pie a couple of weeks ago? Cost Slutter charges like $8.50 for an eight ounce bag. I bought more at Trader Joe’s. About $6.50 for a 16 ounce bag. Oh, yeah. More pecan pie coming!

The latest Fearless Flyer arrived yesterday. I think I’m going to have to go shopping Sunday. There’s a “Vintage Irish Cheddar with Porter Ale” that I want to try.

That sounds good, but I didn’t even look at the cheddar because I bought some aged Canadian sharp cheddar last week. I did pick up some gorgonzola, cave-aged bleu, ementaler, and havarti though. (And a baguette, and prosciutto…)

They are about to open a Trader Joe’s down the block from me, in dear old Queens. Suck it, Brooklyn!

happy dance

Re: My last. Pay no attention to the spelling. :smack:

JLA, you are the biggest fan of TJ’s that I know. They should contact you about becoming their spokesperson. Would you take the job? You could travel to all the new store openings and wax poetic about your favorite products. A sweet job, don’t you think?

I’ve been shopping there for over 20 years; and I like it, that’s a fact! From what I’ve heard it’s a great place to work. (Incidentally, you start out as part-time staff. You can be promoted to Manager, but then you have to work like 50 or 60 hours per week.)

But right now I have a job I like with a non-profit. They pay me almost what I was making before, and like twice what I could expect anywhere ‘in town’. They let me work a 4/40 schedule and telecommute from home one of those days.

Shut up.

I hate all of you.

DAMN YOU! STOP TAUNTING ME! [sub]with your local Trader Joe’s and your pecans and your wonderfully priced gourmet products. I hate you. Die die die die die![/sub]

I do get my cheese at Trader Joe’s, but nothing else…aside from that I don’t find their selection or quality of goods very enticing at all…Sprouts for me. Too bad we lost our Henry’s.

phouka: Did I mention the pecans were less than half the price they are at the local market? And the pecan pie I made a couple of weeks ago was as good as mom’s.

:smiley: We really need an :evil: smiley.

Tried it, pretty damned good.

I am thinking of moving to North Carolina, and I just found out there is a Trader Joe’s 1/2 mile down the road from a house I like! :smiley:

Sorry, phouka.

You fuckers. We still don’t have any Trader Joe’s in Florida!

(At least we’re finally getting IKEA, though.)

The flyer is calling me as well. Mmmmm…crab cakes. And they finally got some kefir. I put blueberries or strawberries in that stuff and pour it in the blender. Yum.

I am eating a TJ’s “Angus Cheeseburger Slider” right now.


Thanks for the tip on the pecans, Johnny! I made pecan pie for my Grandma in CO last week and now everyone here at home is clamoring for it. I need some more Chuck, too. And some Lindemann’s and Hendrick’s wouldn’t hurt…I love TJs.

I have to drive 2 hours to get to a TJs.

It’s worth it.

I didn’t see these. I’ll have to visit the new store. What time to they open? Nine?

I drove to New York with some friends this weekend and on the way home we forced the driver to make a stop at a Trader Joe’s in Westchester. My favorite are the dark chocolate caramels. Mmmmm.

Our current TJ passions include a ready-to-nuke mushroom tortellini and asparagus dinner that works great as an entree or a side and these amazing southwestern flatbread crackers baked with cheese and jalapenos. Schmeared with some hummus or with a slice of cheese, they are divine. We’re going through 3 bags a week.

I am lamenting the current loss of dark chocolate covered cranberries and am eagerly awaiting the return of brandy beans. I am buying them all. If you are in San Diego and don’t get any brandy beans around xmas, it’s all my fault. They will be stockpiled in my fridge. Mmm, brandy beans ::swoon::

I just wanted to say that I live about 3-5 minutes from one, phouka. :stuck_out_tongue: