Trading Spaces 10/18, Or Vern is still MIA

Two new shows, and Ivylad saw his Buckeyes win, so I got the remote!

8p: Frank and Christi in Boston with Amy Wynn (who, by the way, should not be leaning while wearing tank tops.) Frank redoing a living room, Christi redoing a kitchen.

I’m glad Christi didn’t paint over the wallpaper, a la Hildi or Doug. I liked the buff color of the cabinets. How coincidental that the former owner of the house lived next door, was a general contractor and was able to move the security box and cut the back splash to the proper dimensions. Talk about wrong measurements! I wasn’t a fan of the quilt squares, and I don’t know how hard it would be to keep the stainless steel tabletop clean, but I liked the new desk area.

Frank had a very odd designed master bedroom with a nonfunctioning fireplace stuck in the middle. He got into Kountry Mode, although he called it Amish/Colonial, but it wasn’t too overwhelming, especially since the HO has a Mennonite heritage (another coincidence!). He said he was going to do a faux finish on the floor, which looked like bathroom tile, but all he did was throw a rug on the floor. The cabinet for the dresser was nice, but I would have done something to the bare back that faced the sitting area.

9pm: Barry and Edward with Yummy Carter in Buffalo, both redoing family rooms. Barry is new? He seemed very shy, and I thought he was cute, but he sweats more than Frank. And I thought his pants were a little tight, then he goes and splits them. He kept calling it an accident, which made me think he peed in them at first when Paige asked him what happened.

I didn’t like either room very much. That green awning in the “sitting area” was stupid, and I guess it was supposed to be a faux finish on the turquoise wall, but to me it just looked like a crappy paint job. And couldn’t the HOs have cleaned under the couch cushions?

Edward painted his room in Barney purple and hung an entertainment center from the ceiling. I hate it when they hang stuff from the ceilings. It never looks right. The triptych was okay, I guess, but I didn’t really see the astronomy theme until the end.

Still no Vern. Or Gen, for that matter. :frowning:

Why didn’t Frank spring for another gallon of paint and cover up those dumb seagulls on the ceiling? And I wasn’t wild about the dresser in the drysink. That’s just another step… open the doors and then open the drawer. And it really looked like a tight fit. Did they make sure the drawers would open?
That thing over the headboard was awfully Kuntry-Kitchsy looking to me. Not Colonial at all. The HOs seemed to like it, even after they said they didn’t like “country” at all.

I liked the kitchen, but I wasn’t wild about the quilting on the wall. How do you clean that? It was permanantly mounted, wasn’t it? Can they take it down and wash it?

Hour Two: What is it with the new designers and bright turquoise? Ick. And that plastic courogated crap on the walls and ceiling. That looked like shit. I’d be ripping that down right away. I did like the entertainment center, though, and the shelving over the door at the other end of the room.
I hated the purple in Edward’s room. And I agree, what is with hanging stuff from the ceiling? WTF? I don’t get that at all. I hated the typtich. That was Ug-ly with a capital UGGGG.

I liked the bit where the designers were pretending to design the bridge through downtown, and Amy Wynn looked fetching in her construction vest and hat. (I’m sure there were guys driving by careening off the road after catching a glimse of her. Heh.)

Frank’s room: :rolleyes: (This is becoming my standard response.) I’m trying to do my “think of one thing you like” test, but honestly? I hate it 100%. I concede it would’ve been a tough room to design (was it an actual bedroom? It seemed like a converted sunporch or something.) but as usual it looks like no money or time was spent on it in the end. (I just loved his faux-antiquing of the nails by GLUING DIRT ON THEM!!! Thanks, Frank. Nothing I like better over the bed than dirty nails!) One more :rolleyes: for good measure.

Christi’s room: Hey, I actually liked pretty much everything in this room, with the exception of the stainless steel, and only because I didn’t think it went with the warm color scheme. For the quilt wall I think I would’ve painted it the green (like the homeowner started to do, haha) and put maybe half those quilt squares in individual frames and do a large grouping like Edward does. I liked the colors a lot but wish they would’ve had time/money to do something with that floor. That floor!!! Yikes. My question with the security box was: at first she said to just move it to the other side of the wall, which I assume would be easy because all he’d have to do is turn the junction box around, but then during the reveal it looked like the box was in the hallway or the next room over, nowhere near where it was before. Was there more than one security system/control box in the house? (I personally thought using the neighbor for free was cheating. I’m glad she paid the guy to cut the steel. I cracked up when the lady answered the door “HI PAIGE!!!”)

Edward’s room: I really liked the dark eggplant color. (Not Barney purple - not even close!) Everything else was totally “meh!” I thought the fireplace should’ve stayed white, and I wasn’t crazy about all the silver. I do think his calendar pictures come out really good, except for the mishmash of mat sizes, and I liked the glass shelves and the uplight in that little niche, although I’d probably never turn it on, lol.

Barry’s room: I liked the color (sort of like Hildi’s Tiffiany box blue) and the painting of the fireplace, and then everything went horribly, horribly awry. I liked how the coffee table turned out, and that’s pretty much it! The wall treatment was pathetic and the roofing material? ::shudder:: The clashing thrift store chair? ::blanch:: The horrible mismatched dispropotionate shade on the trash-picked lamp? ::cringe:: (The lamp itself I thought was ok, but the shade was ALL WRONG.) The guy seems nice but really kinda stupid. He reminds me of someone, but I have no idea who. (I think he’s very similar-looking to one of the designers on While You Were Out.) For the record, I don’t think he was sweating profusely, but was wearing some sort of reflective fabric shirt, so it would pick up different stuff in the room depending on where he was standing. (I could be wrong though.) I was shocked at the homeowner responses. They either have horrible taste or are Oscar-worthy actors!

Frank’s bedroom - OK, not that great but wouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Christi’s kitchen - much better than I expected, but quilt wall?? In a kitchen?? NAILED?? Eww. Will be nasty and dusty and greasy - ick.

Edward’s room - Hated the wall color - could have been a nice camel and looked great. Triptic was better with the paint spilled on it. Shouldn’t have tried to “fix” it. Dark Depressing and overall looked cheap.

Barry’s room - Who is this guy? My cat has better taste than he does, plastic roofing on the wall? the “art” over the fireplace? nasty old chair? I liked the glazing on the wall leaving roller marks but that’s about it.

Chrissy did a nice room until she ran out of time to antique the faux rock wall. And so, the faux rock wall just looks like styrofoam blocks.

Rick Rifle is at it again. An orange room. Now ask yourself, if I’m going to paint the walls a solid orange. A solid pumpkin orange. What should my accent color be? Why black of course. Piecing together the clues it seems that the HOs mentioned they liked Halloween, and so Rick runs with it and doesn’t understand why someone’s favorite holiday doesn’t translate into year-round decoration.

Yes, Rick took his in-your-face turquoisiness and found the exact opposite color on the color wheel to do an in-your-face pumpkinness. Actually, Rick’s room could be saved with a yellow glaze over the orange. But I don’t think Rick is a muted kind of guy.

I’m hoping the new guy, Barry, is Rick’s replacement.