Trading Spaces 3/1...Our First Gay Couple!*

*I think. They were two men living together having a living oom redone. I could be jumping to conclusions, but Paige did say during the reveal that she hoped they had a lot of “romantic nights” in their new living room. And they certainly spatted like an old married couple. Very cute, actually.

What shipping company does TS use? Laurie didn’t get her rug in time and had to rush out to buy a new one, and Genevieve almost didn’t get her tin ceiling tiles in the Meat Puppet Art Kitchen episode. I did roll my eyes a bit at the carpet warehouse, when the sales guy said, “We’ll make it fit your budget.” Come on, you get a popular cable show showing up at your place of business in crisis and you’re going to say, “Sorry, we have nothing for $45. Try the flea market down the road.” :rolleyes:

I liked both of the rooms. I found it hilarious that Rick and Jay had an entire furniture store in their garage, and Gen just got to pick and choose without having to slipcover anything. I did find the placement of the sofas in the room odd. They were placed in an L shape facing the window, while the tv was stuck in a corner behind the sofa. Not a prime television viewing angle.

The wall unit in Laurie’s room was inspired, and certainly made the room lines cleaner. The stripes on the wall were better than I thought (she said plaid, and I immediately had a Hildeous flashback moment when she kept referring to the pattern as orthogonal…shudder) I do like Laurie’s use of fabric and how she brings all the colors together.

Gen’s room was a bit too red for my taste, but I loved the tropical drapery and pillows. I liked the shelving around the wall, and the bottom lit bottle collection.

Not too bad, either one. No sign of Hitchcock, though, unless I missed it.

I saw Hitchcock! The III Pillow was in the room when they were sewing pillows (It was behind Laurie)

They had a lesbian couple before. One was a rodeo cowboy.

No, the rodeo lesbian was While You Were Out. But I have seen couples that I assumed to be gay in TS before. Can’t really cite any, but they’ve had same sex couples who seemed to be living together romantically.

There was a lesbian couple in the infamous Hay on the Wall episode by Hildy. At least, I think so. I could have been two single moms living together.

Was Vern the designer? That would have been perfect. <swoon>

Vern was just up in Northern Virginia last week. I missed my chance to have my picture taken with him. It was one of those times when you have to pretend you love your s/o more than something you really want to do :smiley:

I love Vern too. You just know any room he does is going to be fabulous!

OK, what is the deal with the III pillow?

The III pillow means it’s a show from season three. You can tell Season one shows because Alex is the host, and season two has no pillow. (If you catch the intro though, you can tell if it’s a season two show if Edward and Kia aren’t in the little designer montage at the end of the music.)

Laurie must travel around with tanker trucks of the same two colors of paint. That’s all she ever uses! I thought the built-ins were a great idea but then the execution was somehow lack-luster. (I think the trim moulding was too small or something? Maybe the insets should’ve been painted to make them stand out more or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it.) I loved when she said “Believe it or not, the ceiling fan is staying!” Heh.

I was excited when Gen first outlined her idea because I want to redo my bedroom in an art deco/manly smoking lounge sort of look and I thought that’s what she was going for, but it ended up being nothing like that. I think it would’ve been better with the ceiling white. It was too dark as it was. I was totally cracking up at all the hoarded furniture in their garage – my husband is exactly the same way.

8:00 show – Doug’s room was great except for the crappy finishes on the woodwork/headboard/etc. Gen’s room – BLECH! The homeowners seemed to like it though, so I guess that’s ok. Both bedspreads looked like crap.

10:00 show – I didn’t like either of these rooms really. I remember thinking Laurie’s room looked exactly like the hideous rooms in this circa 1973 decorating magazine my mom had, except the white wood would’ve been white bamboo and wicker. The guy was an ass about his ceiling fan. Dude! Put it back up after they’re gone. What’s the big deal?

I’m not a big TS fan but a friend of mine is - apparently, all the designers have this big thing about removing ceiling fans. Now, a lot of fans are just ugly, but I bet even nice ones aren’t going to photograph all that well in a room with standard 8’ ceilings. So yeah, they take it down, you put it back up. Not a big deal.

I saw one episode with Laurie who did a lesbian couple’s bedroom while Hildy did their neighbor’s bedroom (with the lesbian couple).

Actually, both rooms came out okay-even the one Hildy did. She did sort of 19th century look, with red chintz on the walls and matching linens. It was sooo dramatic, but really beautiful.

And Laurie did sort of Middle Eastern theme, with sunset colors-it was really pretty.

I’ve seen plenty of same-sex couples on the show.

i thought the one guy telling the other: “do you think you’re vern?” was rather funny.

i liked the tropical fabric. i’m not a fan of red… so a nice dark green with the fabric would be nice.

both designers seemed to really listen to the homeowners, and added things into the design to make them happy. laurie with the “den” for the dogs in the wall unit, and gen. with the shelves for the bottles.

they were great homeowners with quite a bit of excitement. i think there needs to be a raid on the garage of furniture. both houses could have been furn. rather nicely.

Not all. Frank & Gen leave them up if the people use them. I do think it is a big deal. This is not a painting, this is something people have to live in and the demands of a person’s life need to be incorporated into the design. That’s why Gen is an artist and Laurie is merely an eye-candy merchant (I hate that cracker).

I liked Gen’s room in the 3/1 episode, but I didn’t notice the poor tube placement. The wall colors were great and I really like the painted ceilings. I’d like to actually go in a room w/ painted ceilings like that to actually see what it’s like.

(Bonus: Got to see Paige’s butt.)

I didn’t understand why Lori’s wall unit built-in had the right side be a fake piece. No shelves, door didn’t open. If you’re gonna build something like that and take up that much space, shouldn’t you at least make it fully functional???

And while I was scared of Gen’s red at first, I thought the room looked smashing when it was done!

I can’t stand Lori. She creeps me out with her sugary sweetness that hides a pretty bitchy female.

My wife’s family has met Laurie IRL a few times and reports that she is genuinely very nice in person, as far as they can tell.

Did they say the right side was just decorative? I didn’t catch that part. But I did like how Laurie took the time to extend the vent out from the wall through the piece.

Did anybody happen to notice that when Gen was sprawled all over the table in front of the one home-owner guy while he was sewing, he never even glanced up?

That is one well-trained dude. I turned to the missus at that point and said, “Nope, I’d be ripping those seams out and trying again.”

She said, “That’s why we’re never doing Trading Spaces.”

You’ll probably end up with Frank spread out on a table in front of you…