Trading Spaces 5/24, Or Damn TLC for Their Misleading Promos

this just in…

at twop deborah emailed vern re the tattoo. it is indeed a temp oilers tattoo. the oilers showed him a great time up there.

he also mentioned that he shopped at ikea’s "as is"section. that is where he got the great deal on furniture and counter tops. he said that the flooring should be around $1-$1.50 sf. regularly.

Yeah, that flooring is from IKEA. They can sell it pretty cheaply because it’s pretty much made up of scraps from their furnituremaking. (If you look closely the “boards” are all really short pieces of like 6-12 inches. Still an overall good look, and WORLDS of improvement over the tile before.)

My only gripe about Vern’s room was that it was overall too light. I would’ve put something darker in for a bit of contrast. Maybe the curtains or something, nothing drastic. The flooring on the bench was ingenious (that would’ve never occured to me) and using the LACK bookshelf as a mudroom/entry bench/organizer was inspired. I’d never liked the looks of that piece when I’d seen it used before but that seems like the ideal application for it.
Did anyone think Vern hung the metal shelves upside down? I’d think the longer piece against the wall would go on the bottom because the weight of the plates are pushing down on it. I noticed he did the same thing with the cupholder racks on the Andy Dick episode.

Laurie’s room wasn’t really my style, but was a MAJOR improvement over what was there before. I wouldn’t have bothered with the ceiling because when it’s THAT HIGH no one is even looking to begin with. Figures she’d make that seem like such a big deal. I was impressed with the fireplace transformation but didn’t really care for the asian-inspired design, especially in contrast with the very “american” feeling wainscot on the opposite wall. The black and red cabinet was pretty gaudy to my eye, as was the black laquered table. The couches looked 100% better for sure. (They were a bit “Frankish” to begin with, eh? lol)

Great homeowner responses though, I love it when that happens.

Question about laminate flooring…my SIL has some in her house, and she hates it because it chips and scratches so easily. Considering what a high traffic area a kitchen is, how long will Vern’s laminate hold up?

Thanks for the info on the temporary tattoo. I knew between us and TWoP we’d figure it out!

She did one bedroom in blue, with sunburst designs on the doors. FWIU, the HO hated it so much she demanded that Laurie leave her home immediately.