Trading Spaces 5/31, or Vern Waits Until the Last Minute

Back in Orlando!

Vern and Doug with Amy Wynn, Vern redoing a family room, and Doug redoing a patio/bar area.

Vern’s living room really needed updating, with the wood paneling and that awful plaid furniture. I thought the colors of the room, taupe and red, really brought out the stone fireplace. I also liked how Vern listened to the HO’s (Hello Hilde? Doug? Kia? Pay attention!) when they questioned painting the furniture black. I think it looked better painted the same as the walls, and it made the room blend better.

I couldn’t believe he didn’t have a plan for furniture in place, and went out shopping during the show! Now granted, showing up at a furniture store with cameras and saying you’re from Trading Spaces probably didn’t hurt the budget any. Laurie’s done it with carpet. I just thought the store would have gotten a plug. And did they buy the area rug at the last minute too?

Still, leave it to Vern to put his final touch on something, like he did recovering the pillows on the sectional. The new fabric was wonderful. Another home run for Our Vern.

Doug redid a patio/bar area. I agreed with the HO during the reveal, “I don’t hate it.” He certainly brightened the walls with white paint. I didn’t like the aluminum on the bar or coffee table, but I did like the new marble tile surface on the bar. Major :rolleyes: with the sheepskins on the floor. White sheepskins. On a patio. In Florida. I don’t think they’ll stay there very long…anyone checking E-Bay?

Now, I thought I read somewhere that they wrapped up by 1pm on Day 2, to allow for prettifying the room and such. But when Doug and Paige were talking before the reveal, it was night time. Did they delay the reveal until nighttime, or did they film that after the reveal?

At least the HO’s didn’t hate it, and they said they were going to do more, not get rid of anything. I know she was worried she was going to get a “Doug” room. I hope she wasn’t too disappointed.

Wait a minute…I just checked my TiVo listings and it says tonight’s the 7th Heaven episode! I’ll go set it to tape it anyway. Sounds like this is one is mis-labeled and one I haven’t seen yet.

Funny, vogue, that’s what my Dish Network description said. It had the right location, Windsong Drive in Orlando, so that’s how I knew the description must have been wrong.

Regarding Euty’s sticky…I don’t need to do spoilers for TS threads, do I? I mean, we’re not talking about an ongoing story arc that spans generations where enemies find out they’re long lost relatives. It’s a decorating show. Hardly any surprises, especially since Laurie always paints in yellow or orange and Kia always uses a wallpaper border.

Can I get a Euty ruling on this?

I really liked the idea of the table top/ottoman thingie that Vern made. I wasn’t crazy about the fabrics he chose for it, but the idea was cool, especially the fact that it is removable. I wasn’t sure about the colors he chose for the room, but as usual, it came together in the end.

I didn’t hate Doug’s room, but the floor was awful. The brown carpeting really ruined the look, and his sheepskin idea didn’t help any and in fact, made it worse. I liked the blue, yellow, and white color scheme.

I thought both rooms were sort of blah tonight. Vern’s room looked nice, but as Paige said, it wasn’t very Vern. It was; however, exactly what those HOs needed, so points for that. The fabric they used on the sectional pillows was much better than the original pillows, but it was still pretty bad.

I could take or leave Doug’s room. At least he didn’t do anything that would be too hard to reverse. I think they waited to do the reveal at night because the room looked better in the dark with the colored lights on, etc.

The old episode before this one was a good one. I surely would have nailed a flower to Hildi’s face using a staple gun if she ever did that to my bathroom. Yet another yellow/vintage fixture/stripey fabric amaaaaaaaaaazing room from Laurie, but it’s one of her best rooms, IMO. Of course, neither of those rooms were too shabby to begin with.

Doug in a hot tub. It’s a good thing. Not as good as Ty in a swimming pool but I’ll take what I can get. I did enjoy Doug’s little dig at Laurie, something about stealing her act and painting a room butterscotch. Doug’s room was the more interesting of the two for me. Hated the sheepskins. I liked the little platform things but am I right in thinking that the cushion tops are not secured to the bases? I can see that being a problem. I would have preferred the bar and coffee table be covered in intact sheets of the flashing instead of the patchwork effect. The patchwork didn’t add anything. Let’s hope they can get the mirrors to stick to the wall. Paige’s little fit about everyone leaving to buy the sectional was fun. I liked her comment about Doug’s room being from the dollar store, since they’ve shown Kia hauling in bags of stuff from an actual Dollar Tree.

I liked Vern’s room, but not the couch. It was not attractive to me.

Doug started on the right track and then, at the last minute, went for bad Miami Vice. It seems that when there is a fork in the road, he has a propensity to choose the path more tacky. The home owners could get rid of the sheep skin, the stools, and those awful flourescent lights on the bar and they’d be off to a good start.

The worst part of the episode was Paige’s shirt. Here in rural MI, the worst thing you can see in front of you on the road are Florida license plates–you’ll get where you want to go, but you’re gonna be 20 minutes late because of the jackass from sunny F-L-A. (Second worse: Illinois plates. Third worse: A deer leaping out from the trees.) That damn shirt she was wearing was giving me flashbacks. Ugh.

I liked Vern’s room, and especially thought that replacing the covers on the sectional’s pillows worked really well.

And on the old show… If I’d walked in and found flowers stapled to MY walls, we wouldn’t have had a “Crying Pam” episode – it would have been a “Slapping Hildi” episode. Jeezopete…

Worst. Room. Ever.

And what about the preview, where they’re moving the (baby) grand piano, and the legs collapse?!? OMG!!! :eek:

I too hated Hildi’s bathroom. I’ve seen HO give designers a hard time before, but has anyone just ever flatly refused to do something stupid like staple silk flowers to a wall? Knowing myself and my friends, if that was the plan for our room, Hildi would have had a team of people sitting on their asses giving her filthy looks.

Not Euty, of course, and not a ruling, but can I make a humble suggestion? Your title was not a spoiler and it is hard for me to even imagine a true spoiler for TS. On the other hand, I would like to suggest that for current shows, movies, et cetera, we use just the title of the thing (and the date for shows) so as to avoid even the chance of a spoiler. People differ in what they consider spoilers and since it won’t hurt anything to leave off the extra stuff in the title, my suggestion would be that even for TS we set the example of nothing other than “Trading Spaces–5/31.”

Still haven’t watched the episode yet (just polishing off my breakfast) but stumbled across this “Ty gossips” article on MSN. It’s about what you’d expect, but I had to crack up at his remark about Kia.

i think vern’s side of the show followed the " let neighbours loose in the house" part of the opener. they picked the paint for the furniture, they picked the couch, they decided on the lighting. very interesting.

i liked the way the sectional filled the area. just right for people with kids.

doug… well, he was doug. i thought the patchwork on the bar needed some work. i agree with otto, a solid sheet would have worked better. i’m not sure about the sheep. they looked like little clouds on the long shot. i would certainly have to do something to warm up the room a bit.

There were a lot of funny bits on this show. When vern was applying the adhesive to the mirror and said “you know it’s killing me that this isn’t all going on in a straight line!” When Paige told Doug to get out of the hot tup until she looked down. “Wait! Don’t get out now!” LOL When the crappy mirrors kept falling off the wall during the reveal. Priceless!

I thought Doug’s room was good in theory, but then in practice was extremely poorly executed and looked cheap. The curtains I thought were nice, and he had the right idea, but he just wasn’t able to pull it off.

Vern’s room turned out better than I expected. I didn’t care for the sectional but the HOs seemed to really like it. I had the feeling Vern had already scoped out the furniture store and wanted to make a big production out of how easy it was for him to find “sweeeeeet” deals that made his rooms look so much better than everyone else’s for the same $1000. :wink: I agree the entertainment center looked good in the taupe, but I would’ve gone with black for the side tables. They were small and the room needed a little black to anchor it, IMHO. (The dark curtains worked though, I think.) Thought the light fixture was pretty chitzy looking. Not one of his better efforts, nor really an improvement over the nearly-new looking ceiling fan. The area rug was I think already in the room to begin with, wasn’t it? I seem to recall seeing it in both the before and after shots. The ottoman/table looked nice but I thought the padding on the top was so skimpy that having two surfaces was nearly unnecessary. If you’re going to upholster it, UPHOLSTER IT!

I actually would’ve liked seeing what Vern would’ve done with the patio/bar room. I’m thinking something like he did with the Hollywood-themed alcove room in that one episode with the padded walls. I think he would’ve gone with the art-deco style martini bar, which would’ve been “sweeeet!” lol

I think he had the sofa picked out ahead of time, and just went there and “bought” it for the cameras. There’s no way he could have gone and gotten the exact piece he wanted on the spur of the moment. That whole bit seemed too staged to me.
Vern’s room was nice, but he seemed to be phoning it in. It was certainly nothing special.
When he wanted to paint the furniture black, after we heard the HO say she didn’t want the furniture painted black, I thought this was going to be the rumored “Bad Reveal” for Vern.

Doug’s patio was just awful. I liked the new marble top on the bar, but I hated the aluminum flashing on the sides of the bar and the coffee table. That looked really shitty, IMO. And there were no bar stools. And I don’t see where those little boxes would be very comfortable to sit on. Especially after a few martinis. :hic:
He also didn’t hem the curtains. He said they were some sort of treated fabric to resist the weather (weren’t there windows on the patio? Or just screens? I didn’t quite get that), but I bet the fabric looks like crap after the first rainstorm. And since it’s not hemmed, it can’t be washed.
And those little mirrors that kept falling off the wall. How perfect was it that one fell of right then during the reveal? :stuck_out_tongue:
And I did like Doug’s snarking on Laurie with his comment about using yellow paint.
And I really liked when Amy Wynne called him “Dougie.”

Maybe Kia was unavailable and the producers tried to create some fake drama via Vern’s couch buying escapade.

voguevixen that is a great quote about Kia. I was reading in the new TS book about how Kia thinks she needs to be different because she’s in a man’s industry and needs to be shocking and different because she’s a woman. :rolleyes:

Listen, Kia, I’ve worked in football and construction, and you don’t see me putting up wallpaper borders and nailing tacky crap to the walls just to prove the point that I’m a “woman doing a man’s job.” Bite me, Kia Steave-Dickerson. Bite. Me.

And upon second viewing of the Doug room, I’m starting to like it a little less. Those HOs should just sell it all on ebay and use the money to re-redo the room.

A slapping Hildi episode?

What’s that about?

Was there a huge smack noise and a big red handprint?

I can live with that. I think once the showing date is mentioned in the thread title, it’s going to be understood that the details of the show are going to be discussed.

Oh, and I was having fun thinking up cute little “Ors” to pinpoint a highlight of the show.

Ah well…I bow to Euty’s ruling… :slight_smile:

He said it was “umbrella fabric.” Which I took to mean the same stuff with the same treatments used to make actual umbrellas. My umbrellas look OK after they get wet but then I’m not getting them wet through dirty screens. Of course nothing’s stopping the HOs from washing the screens on a regular basis either.

She did a bathroom. Her brilliant idea was to staple 6000 flower heads to the walls, each with two staples, resulting in 24,000 pinholes in the walls of a room where it gets very steamy and humid and moist.