Trading Spaces 10/11- Reminder

We only have one new episode this week, at 9pm EST. 7pm EST has a re-run of the $100,000 episode for those who missed it.

But the super-super-duper exciting news-of-the-day That I Must Share (I can’t find this anywhere on the TS site, but TvGuide is telling me so):


See y’all at 10pm sharp! :wink:

Are you sure about that spoiler? From the previews it’s Doug and Christy. Apparently Doug “sinks to a new low” (from the reveal interview with Paige) and the HOs with Christy look to be a gay couple with their own design agenda and a Divine-like person (a rather large cross dresser? not that there’s anything wrong with that :wink: ) shows up and scares the bejeebers outta Christy.

I hope you’re right, because I’m having serious Vern-withdrawals, but the previews show Doug and Christy.

Are you sure about that spoiler? From the previews it’s Doug and Christy. Apparently Doug “sinks to a new low” (from the reveal interview with Paige) and the HOs with Christy look to be a gay couple with their own design agenda and a Divine-like person (a rather large cross dresser? not that there’s anything wrong with that :wink: ) shows up and scares the bejeebers outta Christy.

I hope you’re right, because I’m having serious Vern-withdrawals, but the previews show Doug and Christy.

Are you sure about that spoiler? From the previews it’s Doug and Christy. Apparently Doug “sinks to a new low” (from the reveal interview with Paige) and the HOs with Christy look to be a gay couple with their own design agenda and a Divine-like person (a rather large cross dresser? not that there’s anything wrong with that :wink: ) shows up and scares the bejeebers outta Christy.

I hope you’re right, because I’m having serious Vern-withdrawals, but the previews show Doug and Christy.

Damn hamsters. Sorry 'bout that.

Wow, you’re having such Vern withdrawals that you’re triple-posting! :smiley:

Dammit, you’re right. I usually like to skip the advertised spots, but I caught one today by accident, and it does show Doug and Christie. Which means that my spoiler may be off a week, but that it should be happening next week. That’s still better than nothing, right? Right??

Mmmmm, Vern…

Okay, I am going to need a detailed, TWoP-style recap because there’s a stupid Ohio State game on tonight and Ivylad is commandeering the remote!

Plus, I’m going over to my in-laws so I’m going to miss the Sunday replay. So, please, I’m begging you, at least until football season is over, help out a fellow Doper!

I’ll try to do one, Ivy. We do have some home improvement stuff we’re working on tomorrow, but maybe Monday morning I could write something up. Would that be okay, if no one else gets to it?

Don’t forget, it should be on again next week at 4:00.
Can’t you send Ivylad out to a Sports Bar? Or take turns?


Be very very quiet.

Ivylad is asleep on the couch and I have snitched the remote. I may not need a recap after all!

(What the hell is up with the stripes?)

I can’t take turns. I get the tv 99% of the time, but it’s football season, and he’s put his foot down. And he doesn’t go to sports bars.


He woke up.

I caught bits and pieces, including a rather large woman with a Roses are Red, Violets are Blue poem.

I’ll just need a rough draft, folks.

Thanks, Biblio, but don’t go to too much trouble.


Hello? Anyone here? Is bobkitty running late?

I saw the first reveal, but I didn’t see the second. That glue/paint was disgusting. It was coming off in clumps over the door! Why the hell do designers do techniques without testing them?

Just out of curiousity…do you think we’ll ever see a redo of the bedroom of a gay couple? Or do you think middle America is not ready for that, and wants to convince themselves that the couple is just “dramatic” or just “friends?”

::scampering in::

Okay, tonight we have two, count 'em, TWO, same-sex couples! And a drag queen!! AND Amy Wynn in the CUTEST tank top ever. Mmmmm… Amy Wynnnnnn. And we’re in Boston, which always makes me homesick, in a nice section of town (six blocks from the Garment District). And we have an absolutely gorgeous house (yup, HOUSE- this time the HOs share apartments in one home), which immediately terrifies me, because…

We also have Doug. And Christie. And lots and lots of room for error, because 1) Doug has never worked with his particular wall treatment product, and 2) Christie has never tried out her particular wall treatment technique. Oh, gods.

Doug gets the living room of the male HOs, whose only sacred item is a setee that belonged to the great-grandmum of one of the HOs. He’s allowed to re-upholster it, but NO PAINT ALLOWED. The HOs want a half-wall at the base of the staircase gone (can’t blame them).

Christie (does she PAY someone to do that to her hair??) gets the living room of the female HOs. Apparently one of the female HOs has a “thing” about yellows/golds (thank god Laurie’s not around), and both HOs have a definite aversion to toille. They would like some color, please.

Doug’s main idea is a Venetian wall treatment (yes, again). After painting the trim, cabinets, wainscotting, etc, chocolate brown, he breaks out a mustard yellow glazing product, much to the horror of the female HOs. Paige tries her best to mediate, insisting that the HOs should not listen to Doug, that it won’t look anything like what it looks like now, but the HOs are terrifed. Once they begin the “aging” technique, the HOs shut the hell up and agree that it looks nice. We are also treated to the standard “I’m going to paint and re-upholster the Sacred Item…” “No you aren’t” argument, juxstaposed with the male HOs on the roof of the building talking about how they hope the female HOs will be good defenders for them.

Christie has no clue what she’s doing. She puts on a base coat (a reasonable color, IMO), then covers it with a coat of Elmer’s glue mixed with water in order to prep for a glaze treatment. Unfortunately it goes extremely badly (what it looks like to me, at least, is that she didn’t put enough water in the mix), and she leaves the HOs to figure the process out as homework. When she returns in the morning, they’ve divided the walls into stripes, thinking (correctly) that breaking up the piss-poor treatment would be better than having it all over the walls. Plus there are stripes in the fabrics, so hey- it works! Paige actually says the wall treatment “looks like crap.” Christie is disturbed by the HOs’ show of initiative, thinking of the “overall vision of the room, and what it will look like completed.” Shut the hell up, Christie. We are treated to a drag queen telegram, stating “Roses are red, violets are blue, if you put toille in this room, we’ll hurt you.” ::snicker:: Of course Christie takes this as a challenge, and goes out with one of the male HOs to the fabric store where they purchase some toille, some feather boas, and some squishy backing material to make a nice little throw.

Amy Wynn is relegated to a nearby school parking lot, where she is forced to use a generator. She gets to build a coffee table for Christie and fix the stairs for Doug once he’s removed the half wall.

Both Doug and Christie use the HOs’ existing furniture- not even a slipcover in sight. Doug re-uses the curtains, Christie provides new ones. This creates slight discord with one of the female HOs, who has a tearful moment with Paige in which she worries that they’re not “changing enough.” Whatever.

Reveal. Doug is under budget (barely) but Paige wants to know what the hell he spent all his money on. They agree it was the stairs. Paige loves the walls- says they feel like marble. Doug’s name for the room: You’re in trouble. Paige asks if it’s a play on the color of the walls. Mmm. Shut the hell up, Paige. Anyway- One male HO clearly loves the room- gushes about the walls and especially about the missing half-wall. Paige encourages him to touch the wall- he thinks it’s fabulous. Paige shares WAY too much information when she points out that one of the female HOs licked the wall. The other HO is a little more restrained, but appears to like it as well. Paige tries to get them to go upstairs, but they don’t want to. :smiley:

Reveal. Christie is WAY under budget (like over $100). Tries to tell us that she likes the room. Paige avoids calling her on the piss-poor wall treatment (BAD Paige). One female HO loves it. Loves, loves, loves. Other one (the one causing all the problems throughout the ep) was… meh. She didn’t hate it, but she wasn’t in the “absolutely love” camp. They liked the joke of the toille.

I really have to say that I don’t like episodes where the rooms are already really nice… it simply doesn’t make for good TV. The house was gorgeous, the furniture was beautiful… they didn’t need TS. They certainly didn’t need Christie in there fucking up their walls… I can’t even begin to think of how they’re going to get that stuff off the plaster. Up close Doug’s wall treatment was nice, although I wasn’t crazy about the color, and I felt that combined with the brown it really closed the place in- I would have at least replaced the curtains. But I loved what Amy Wynn did with the stairs. I hated Christie’s wall treatment- even if it had worked, it would have been too dark for that room, especially with those heavy, heavy drapes. I liked the base color she used- if she’d left that, it would have been fine. I did thoroughly enjoy how freaked out Christie was by the drag queen- she couldn’t back away fast enough. ::snicker::

That’s it for me for now… I’m sure I’ll think of more later.


Thanks, BK. I have one question. It looked like Amy Wynn was replacing a missing step on the stair case. It looked weird because it came to a point, but the rest of the steps were rounded.

I wondered about that wonky stair, too.

My take on Christie’s reaction to the stripes was very different than yours, bobkitty. I thought she took it remarkably well. OTOH, I totally agree with you and Paige that it looked like crap. I didn’t like the color of her drapes with the wall color, either.

Ivylass honey, I’m not a Trading spaces fan, but I’ve gotta tell you, if you live with a man who commandeers the remote during football season, you need to either (1) take possession of the VCR, or (2) get your own TV/VCR setup. (I’ve got my own TV/VCR/DVD player, as does each person in our household – hey, with the prices these days, why not?) Then there’s no need to suffer without the shows you want to see when the Sacred Sporting Event interferes!

Unfortunately, Mama 1) Our VCR is on the fritz and 2) We have Dish, which means you can’t record one show while watching the other.

It’s only until January. I can survive until then.

Once again, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the solution to your problem. A few seconds in a hip-separator and he’ll rethink his obsession with watching guys in tight pants.

For the record, I didn’t think that the rooms looked too good to begin with. They may have had nice things in the room, but they both looked like twenty pounds of shit in ten pound bags. Both designers took those messes and made something nice out of them–in spite of what’s-her-face’s hideous wall treatment.

I can do nothing but rave about Doug’s plaster job in this episode. Everything about it was fantastic. I loved walls. I think he did an outstanding job.

Except the top step that Amy Wynn did. I hope those guys have good liabiltiy insurance, because that step looked egregiously dangerous.

Of course, as usual, Paige was once again the best thing on television.

I thought the rooms were great to start off with! It pisses me off to see these people with lovely homes on TS, because I just think of them as spoiled. “Honey, I know our home is expensive and perfect, but it’s so tiresome! Wouldn’t you like to be on TV?” I’d rather see them do an amazing transformation on a dump like my place.:wink: People with nice houses who go on TS deserve to have Frank and Hildi show up.

Why can’t you do that? My husband has talked about getting a dish, and I’ve hesitated, based partly on your comments about not being about to record off of it. He didn’t believe me, till a co-worker with a Dish comfirmed it.
On Thursdays, I watch Survivor, CSI and Without A Trace and tape Friends, Scrubs and ER. We’ll be gone the weekend of the 25th, so I’ll be taping TS (and Joan of Arcadia) then. I couldn’t live without my beloved VCR.

Back on topic…
Bobkitty covered it pretty well. It was nice to see something other than upper-middle class couples in huge sterile McMansions for a change. These apartments were really neat. I loved the exposed brick and the built-ins in the guy’s apartment.
Doug was his usual snide self, with not explaining anything all the way through. I hated that plaster treatment… at first. It was the color of mustard. Bright screaming yellow mustard. And of course, he just did that snotty “Trust me” bit. I hate that. I wish he would just explain stuff all the way through, rather than just give them one step at a time, especially when one step looks weird.
It did look better in the end, but they didn’t really show the whole process of how it got that way. They must have put some sort of glaze or finish on it, because apprently it was as smooth as silk in the end.

I loved the staircase. That one step that was squared and pointy was kind of weird, but maybe there was a reason for it being angled and squared like that. Otherwise, the steps really kicked ass.

Doug’s bit about painting the settee was dumb. He knew it was protected. It was about as funny as Ty’s antics the week before. It’s just not funny or “dramatic” if that’s what they’re going for. Are we all supposed to sit at home and gasp and think, “Oh no! He’s going to paint the antique settee! The HO didn’t want it painted! What’s going to happen?!”
I mean, come on, we know about putting stuff on the “Protected List” and that he can’t touch it. We’re not stupid.

The girl’s room: I hated the stripes. On While You Were Out there was a room that was supposed to be a Thai-inspired bedroom, where the designer painted the walls a tannish color, and then put a blue glaze over it, very similar to this, and the general consensus at TWoP was that it looked like she smeared motor oil on the walls. I kept thinking of that when I saw this. The walls that weren’t striped looked crappy. The stripes looked crappy, too, but at least somewhat less crappy than the smeary effect of the glaze. The one wall (Over the fireplace?) was all splotchy and spotted looking. It really looked shitty.

I loved the “No Toille” bit. I hate toille, too. I think it’s just hideous. Someone (Laurie?) did a room recently with curtains and a sofa and a chair completly slipcovered in a blue toille and I hated it. I got a set of table linens in toille for a wedding gift (napkins, placemats and a tablecloth) and I’ve never once in 10 years used them :stuck_out_tongue: They’re awful!