Traffic Q, running from the law before you know they are chasing you

Hypothetical Q

Lets say you commit a traffic infraction, like passing in a no passing zone, then over the hill is a cop car coming towards you. There is no danger of collision and the pass is made safely, but as you pass the cop in the oncoming lane, he laid on the horn and pulls onto his right shoulder. You then pass over that hill and the cop is out of site.

Now your thinking Oh S----, also thinking that SOB would make the same pass if he was in the same position. but no lights were seen and the cop had to wait to make a U-turn as there was traffic following this person for quite a while, if he so desired. So, hypothetically again, lets say you turn off the main road and travel down this local road to the point where you are totally out of site of the main road. Then get out the map and figure out where you are and decide to travel a different route taking you miles out of your way.

Besides the 1st infraction is there any additional violations here (Lets say NY)?

Now this hypothetical person would have pulled over right away if s/he saw flashing lights behind him, but didn’t see any.

There would be, if after you were out of site of the officer, you would end up speeding down the road and into an alley. So there, now you’re speeding. But hey, cop didn’t see it, you didn’t do it. :slight_smile:

That would be like driving down a two-lane-in-each-direction road with a turning lane in the middle in the middle of the night, passing a line of trucks in the right lane who were going the speed limit, noting that the car sitting in the turning lane with its lights off is a cop, watching his lights come on as he pulls out to nail you, pulling in front of the foremost truck and then off onto the roadside, turning off your lights and engine, and then watching the cop race past the line of trucks (who are still passing you) at about 100 mph. He must have chased me for miles.

I say you were luckly, no foul.