Tragedy Struck Again Tonight

“Ma! I need da toilet paper!”

You’re supposed to do the unrolling part before you use it, not after.

Before the advent of TP Louis XIV, Sun King of France had his derriére wiped by his Groom of the Stool with fluffy baby chicken. Much better than rabbits, he claimed.
No, sorry, no cite at hand. Read it in a book ages ago. Title: Das Scheissbuch. Author forgotten. Go figure.

Until you drop the smatphone too. Or is there an app for that already?

There’s a crap for that.

Honestly I drop a roll in the toilet like once a month, I lost the little spindle thing.

That’s part of why I lost my job at the nitroglycerin factory.

You might want to ask a mod to make this thread a sticky.

I must be tired, I laughed at that one for quite a while.

Thanks, 48.