Tragic ticket in Florida, over 30 days. What happens now

Hello Everyone,

I guess I’m a moron because I received a well deserved speeding ticket a few weeks ago. The fine is $240. Like most things in life why got busy and I forgot about it. I got the ticket right on the County line and went to pay it today, but I went to the wrong County Court House. Apparently the ticket was issued in the bordering county. This generally wouldn’t be a problem except today was the last day to pay as there is a30 day window to do so.

Tomorrow I will go to the correct courthouse to pay the fine. My question is, since now I’m a day late, what happens? I’m sure this will cost me a ton more in fines, but does anyone know how much? Yeah, I should have paid it earlier, but I honestly thought I had more time and I really didn’t have the funds until now.

It’s a tragedy. When the license is gone, and you can’t drive on, it’s a tragedy.

Beg the judge for mercy. Hopefully you have a clean record and he’ll minimize the penalties. But count on at least the $240 plus court costs, and maybe some filing fees to straighten out anything done to your license, and a hike in your insurance rate, plus the cost of bailing you out of jail and a lawyer to clear up the warrant that’s out for your arrest now. So don’t worry about it, piece of cake.

You might get arrested and thrown in jail for a while (at least until things get straightened out), and not allowed to have your meds while you’re there. I’d worry about that possibility if I were you.

I think some of the previous posters are pulling your leg. Yes, it will cost you more money, that’s probably all.

Since the D.A. or Judge or whatever complained that he was let off a speeding violation just because of his position in the law enforcement community, Florida troopers have been issuing tickets to anyone who is more than 2 mph over or under the limit. They could, as the officer in the cited instance, lose their job if they do otherwise.

Bolding mine.

I find this very difficult to believe, that one could be cited for driving below the speed limit. The limit is a maximum, so, by law, you are supposed to drive at or below the limit. While I can believe the officers may have become more “critical” in their enforcement, as a show of solidarity to their comrade who was just doing what most elected officials expect (being given a pass), I don’t believe that giving citations for obeying the law would accomplish that.

excavating (for a mind)

here’s the Florida DMV page concerning tickets:

Get there asap, before the letter of suspension hits the mail. You’ll pay the additional fines, but better than the hassle of losing your license.

Legal advice, (especially bullshit legal advice ;)), is best suited to IMHO.

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There sometimes are minimum speed limits on highways and Interstates. For example there may be a 70 MPH max limit and an 40 MPH minimum limit. I could see where someone could be ticketed for going below the minimum limit as it would impeded the flow of traffic and cause safety concerns.

Or there may be no penalty at all. It depends on the jurisdiction obviously, but I was (less than a week) late paying a speeding ticket in Carson City, Nevada. It turned out they had a grace period, so there were no late fees or additional fines.

I’m also curious who this D.A. or judge is who was upset about *not *being ticketed.

Yeah, minimum laws are abundant out in the country. You don’t really want someone driving their tractor 3mph down the freeway.

I actually went to traffic court once to fight a speeding ticket and of the about 20 people there at least three had been cited for going too slow. I remember at least two were cited for going 55 (the speed limit) in the left-hand lane while traffic was going 70. The cops’ reasoning was that they were obstructing the flow of traffic. Meanwhile I got cited for going 70 when I was trying to keep up with the flow of traffic so that I could get over into the slow lane. I’m pretty sure we all got our cases dismissed, but there must be more people who just paid the fine and didn’t fight it. Then again, this is Virginia so it may not be representative of any other state.

Update: I must be the luckiest guy in the world today. Went to the courthouse and they couldn’t find ant record of the ticket. They referred me to the Sheriff’s office. I went down there and after done searching they found the incident report of my tragic stop. The cop amended the citation and put it down as a warning, not a ticket! No points on my license and no fine!

This is a compete mystery to me and my wife add I asked the officer if he would give me a warming and he said “I can, but I won’t”. Turns out he changed his mind and filed it as a warning, nor a violation. Thanks to everyone for the responses.

Oh, the answer to the question is in Lake County Florida if you are late paying the ticket but pay before sixty days there is a late fee of $16. After sixty days you’re license gets suspended and then it’s a real mess.

Ok. Am I seriously the first (and only?) one to literally bust out laughing at this? Thank you Johanna, that was brilliant.

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Anyway, I was just trying to think of what a “tragic ticket” could mean. OK, a ticket to a performance of Othello, I guess.

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I really did spit all over my screen though; it was a particularly nasty out-loud laugh full of saliva.

And yes… the wording of the OP was head-scratch-inducing and no one else even bothered to comment on it. I mean… is a well deserved speeding ticket paid a day late really “tragic”?

I liked it when obbn said, “I asked the officer if he would give me a warming.” Lucky you weren’t busted for solicitation. :wink:

Seriously though, today IS your lucky day, and you should go out immediately and buy a few lottery tickets.

I was recently surprised to discover via the state’s DMV manual that in NH the minimum speed on a highway is 45mph if not otherwise posted. Surprised because there are many many highways in the state where the max speed limit is all of 50.