Trailer For "Hanna" - Opening April 8th

Happened to run across this article, with accompanying trailer for a new film called Hanna.
Certainly looks interesting - what’s not to like about a 14 year old girl trained to be a killing machine?

Looks like SOMEone took a lesson from Kickass.

My money’s still on Hitgirl, though.

I’ll stick with Suckerpunch

This actually looks really cool, and not just a Leon/Kick-Ass/Let The Right One In/Firestarter rip-off. I’m not being sarcastic, I honestly love Cate Blanchett and have a soft spot for murderous girls in movies.

It’s on my list.

I do wish one thing, tho, and I hope some of the knuckleheads who make trailers will read this: I didn’t need to see that after her Dad walks out of the cabin, at some point they’re re-united, at least long enough for a brief conversation. Thanks for spoiling that aspect of the film, shitheads.

That Saoirse Ronan is a force to be reckoned with. She’s going places, I reckon.

If it was only that. That trailer crosses the line between “very explicit ad” and “slightly shorter edit of the whole movie”. Kinda makes you feel like you’ve already watched it, so there’s no point on paying for a ticket.