Trailer for The Peripheral (TV adaptation of the William Gibson book)

William Gibson’s 2014 novel The Peripheral has been made into a TV series for Amazon Prime. The executive producers are Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the showrunners of Westworld, and it definitely seems to have that vibe–whether or not you think that’s a good thing!

The show doesn’t premiere until October 21st, but they just released the first trailer for it which you can see here (some NSFW language):

I very much like the book, and will be curious to see if they can get a good show out of it!

Hmm, I just don’t see CGM as a redneck. But she could prove me wrong. Also, I don’t think the trailer was very well done. It’s all atmosphere shots with no hook to draw you in.

I had to read the wiki article on the book to know what was it was all about.

I’m a big Gibson fan and The Peripheral was one of his better works. Super psyched for this.

But you’re right, the trailer wasn’t very well done. It seemed a little cheesy. Hopefully that’s just poor editing and not reflective of the show.

She was raised in Cartersville, Georgia, which is pretty damn redneck. I’m sure she could find many models for an intelligent but impoverished country girl in her childhood.

I hadn’t heard of this before seeing this thread, but now I’ve got something to look forward to. The Peripheral is not my favorite Gibson - that would be Zero History or Pattern Recognition - but I enjoyed the novel.

Agree about the trailer. Lots of hints for those who know the story - “Guy in the trike, that must have been Connor, and the dude in the trailer was Burton, and those moving tattoos mean Ash, but is the guy in the elevator Netherton, or maybe Lev or Ossian?” - but not much to catch the non-fan.

Haven’t read the book, but the trailer was enough for me to add the series to my queue.

They released a full trailer last week, and I think it is much better than the first. I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’ve started a new thread for the discussion of the show proper here: