Trailer Park Stereotypes

I unfortunately live in a trailer park in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The stereotype of white trash losers is all too accurate. Yes, there are honest working class people of limited means but many are those who are alcoholics, drug abusers and those of generational poverty. The wardrobe of many women is skin tight shorts and tank tops with large bellies that hang over. There are “tribes” that hang out on the porch with children being raised by grandmothers and single parents. There are Mexicans and many mixed race relationships resulting in many welfare households. A large percentage of the residents, including men are on disability and do not work. I am trying to get out of here. I consider it a very depressing boulevard of broken dreams.:frowning:

Obligatory Onion link:

Local Trailer Park Shatters No Stereotypes

On the plus side, I expect it’s cheaper than an apartment. Plus you have no neighbors right on the other side of your walls/floors/ceiling.

At least now we know the leading cause of poverty.

bolding mine.

Well, this isn’t in the Pit yet, so I can’t make my honest commentary. Suffice to say it seems the OP has more than one stereotype in mind when looking at her neighbors.

I think it says a lot that despite living in the same trailer park, OP sees herself as better than her neighbors.

A huh.

Didn’t you read the part where she’s trying to get out? She’s *not *like all those “white trash losers”.

Trailer Park Boys is one of my favorite series. Bubbles is hilarious.

Have any of your neighbors been married three times … and still have the same in-laws?

As for me, my stereotype about trailer parks is that tornadoes regard them as yummy delicacies. Tornadoes will go out of their way to devour a trailer park.

My late brother knew a guy who was the credit manager for a mobile home dealer. “So, it was his duty sometimes to tell a prospect that he was not good enough to be trailer trash.”

I love that documentary!

Now I’m tempted to move to one, just for the pure entertainment of watching certain relatives heads start to spin.

Thats one nice fuckin’ kitty right there boys!

I never watched Trailer Park Boys because the cover art on Netflix looked like some sort of sketch show or aggressive gross-out humor. But it’s really a nice little show about a couple hapless friends in a trailer park in Canada. Reminds me of Reno 911 a bit due to the humor and documentary style.

The rest of your post is pretty much a personal testament to white trash losers. :wink:
Let me guess - you are neither “Mexican or mixed race”, yet there you are, unfairly stuck in a trailer park.

You poor, poor little thing.

I used to live in a trailer park when I was younger. And then I grew up and married a black guy. Now we live in a 3000 square foot house in the suburbs. I wonder what that means.

I happily live in a trailer park. I’m sad to say that we’re neither Mexican or mixed race, but I’m hoping our “white trash” cred is firmly secured due to my husband’s disability. I know it looks all legit and stuff because it’s his liver, but I swear, he’s really faking it and we’re just working the system to get him a shiny, new kidney instead. Shhhh!

It means you done right good.

My whole life I’ve wanted to live in trailer. It’s something about their size and simplicity that makes me romanticize them, I guess.

But I don’t want to live in a trailer park.

Rain/hailstorms are a bitch. You’re never warm in winter, nor cool in summer. High winds make you nervous.

(Lived in a mobile home for a year)

I suppose the OP could put on those ruby red shoes, click the heels, and be transported to Kansas. I don’t know that that be much of an improvement.

Unrelated, but are tornado’s a problem in Virginia Beach ?