Train from NY > Boston

So, I am trying to decide on whether to buy a train ticket on the Acela line or the “regular” train line from NY to Boston. The AMTRAK website says there’s only a 1/2 hour time difference between arrival times, so is the Acela really worth it??

To me, a half hour difference on Amtrak is negligible given their frequent schedule fudge-ups. The one time someone I know took the Acela train (also from NY to Boston) due to it being covered on expense, it was delayed anyway and actually came in slightly later than the regular train.

I’d take a bus.

That is a decent idea. The Fung Wah buses only cost about $10 or $20 one-way and they usually run on time although I think they have an issue with catching on fire. Still, if you enjoy sitting with Chinese gamblers, it can’t be beat.

The problem with taking a bus is that it’s a bus.

I vote for AmTrak. Both the regular and Acela trains are comfortable and often have snacks available. And AmTrak owns most of the trackage between New York and Boston, so scheduling delays are infrequent in that area.

From what I’m told (not a train rider, but I associate with many of them), the Acela is a high speed train that, alas, cannot attain high speeds because of track limitations and the freight carriers’ ownership (and therefore preference) on long stretches of track. Not worth the cost differential. YMMV.

There are two different Acela trains and I think Amtrak purposely doesn’t explain this very well.

The Acela you’re talking about is the Acela Regional. It’s pretty much just a regular train. I’m not sure why they call it “Acela” - probably to fool people, sez the cynical me. Maybe there are a bit fewer stops than the “regular” train.

The fast Acela is the Express. It only stops in Boston, Providence, New Haven, and New York. (After that I don’t know about; it might go farther but I’m talking about the Boston-NYC run.) That’s the one that takes about 3.5 hours and is given right-of-way at crossings and if there’s a hold-up somewhere. That is, other trains will have to move to a side track and the Acela is allowed to go first.

Have you looked into Jet Blue? They have flights for cheaper than the train from Logan to JFK. You can take the A or E subway to the city.