Trainspotting - Wisconsin Style


I just don’t know what to add to this story.

Yep. That’s Wisconsin for ya.

Heh, for some reason I could see one of my dads’ relatives doing this.
Yes, he’s from Wisconsin.

Now the story doesn’t mention this, so I need some clarity.

Did he spill his beer?

Although I agree that the guy was a idiot, I must admit understanding his frustration. I used to live near a busy train track, less than a block away. 3-4 times a day and who knows how many times at night that damn horn blaring!

Now before I get blasted with “It’s for safety at the crossing” cause I know that, let met qualify here…

  1. There were two RR crossings less than a mile apart from each other. Instead of a beep at the first crossing and then a beep at the next crossing, they would blast the horn for at least a mile. And the trains are only going about 30mph. Long blasts. In the middle of the night. Through RR Crossings that were clearly marked and had working arms, alarms and flashing lights.

  2. My SO’s brother-in-law from a previous marriage is a train engineer and used to delight in telling a**hole stories about delibrately blaring the horn extra long and loud in residential neighborhoods. At night. As often as he could.

I’m not saying all engineers are d**kheads, in fact I’m sure the vast majority of them are wonderful, upstanding, decent, honest folks. But there are those…

I often fantasized of derailings… I am so glad we moved! Now the only time I hear trains is in the distance on a calm night. Kinda romantic and sweet, now that I don’t live next to the damn RR crossing. So I can empathize with the guy, but he’s just dumb for getting so close. Besides, he made the decision to live next to the track, I’m assuming that it’s not a new RR crossing. I had no idea it would be so annoying, and I moved as soon as I could.

So, I wonder if the train engineer intentionally swerved to clip the guy?

Just a joke, just a joke.