Trans-Siberian Railway Kink

The great late Douglas Adams states the following here :

I have seen this stated in a couple not-so-true trivia lists on the internet but have not found a single piece of evidence to back it up.

My history teacher says there is a kink in it because of a large lake.

Is this true, and can I back it up easily with a credible source?

From this BBC link

Note that this railroad where the supposed kink happened is Moscow - St. Petersburg line, and while it can be considered as the westernmost part of Trans-Siberian railway, it was built 50 years earlier than the Siberian one. Reigning Tsar in 1842 was Nicholas I, while during the construction of Trans-Siberian between 1881-1905 rulers were Alexander III and Nicholas II, who have nothing to do with this.

Yep: there are plenty of sites such as this debunking the tale. Try a Google search for “Tsar’s Finger” or “Verebinsky bypass”. It was in the news a couple of years ago when it was straightened out. It postdated by 26 years the building of the line, and was to circumvent a steep incline; trains overshot the station going downhill, and needed four locomotives to get up it.

And here, I was picturing leather and chain restraints on the seats.

You’re thinking of the famous Gulag Express Limited.