Transferring MS Office license?

I have MS Office licensed on a computer which I will be decommissioning shortly. I would like to use that license on my new laptop. Possible? Is there a procedure?

Also Outlook.

Depends what sort of license. This is where the fine print of the license is key.

If you have an OEM license (i.e. came with the computer) you cannot transfer to a new computer. If you bought a license, you are entitled to uninstall(!) from one computer and install on another. Presumably, then, you have the install media and license key to do so. If you exceed a certain count, you may have to phone Microsoft to get the activation.

Software like Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder would allow you to retreive the key from the old computer if you’d lost it (worked for the older Office versions)… but then you will need to find the correct version of the install software (standard? Pro? Student?), since I’m assuming it’s not Office 2013.

Many licenses for Microsoft Office allow you to install it on two systems. I think they imagine that a person might have a desktop and a notebook system and want it installed on both, although it will be used on only one at a time.

If its OEM, the license may well be stuck on the computer - your countries or state law may forbid the concept of the OEM license, but there are no David’s out there to take on this Goliath. You may argue with Microsoft, what if you are just repairing the motherboard.

  1. get the media … get a copy of someone’s CD or DVD - if there is an OEM or non-OEM version, get that.
  2. Get the license key off the old computer. There is software that will reveal it.
  3. When you install, hope it lets you activate. You might call up to explain what you are doing. (replacing the motherboard, for example.)