Translate this legalese for me please

I know all of the disclamers and I’m not trusting you for legal advice. Here is some legalese that one person claims it means they sold the mortgage to WIDGET. The other side says it assigns the mortgage as collateral for a loan but the originator (ACME) still owns the mortgage. Which side is correct?

The (badly written) document doesn’t explicitly state that the mortgage and the note securing it are being transferred as security for a loan, only that said transfer is being made “for good (and sufficient) consideration.” This means that the distinction between collateral (which remains the property of the borrower unless the borrower defaults) and payment/consideration is not made. Therefore, according to this document, WIDGET is now the owner of the note and holder of the deed of trust.

Does that (Lender) tied to Widget’s name mean anything significant?

No. It just means that for the remaining portions of the document, WIDGET FINANCIAL will be referred to as “Lender.” It could say “Baboon” or “Rutabaga” and not change the meaning of the overall document.