Translation help with Swedish, Norwegian or Danish?

I’ll be traveling in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark this summer. I’m hoping to find some museums that might have small Elizabethan dessert trenchers (also called roundels), like this ones at these museums:
British Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art
St Albans collection

Can anybody tell me what the Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish words for these little plates are?

Norwegian = Runddans
Danish = Rondels
Swedish = Rundlarna

Google Translate ™ is your friend. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you meant that kindly, dolphinboy, but if you run those words through google images you’ll see the results are only faintly resembling the objects in the links I provided.

I think assiett/asjett is the word you’re looking for.

Thanks Telperion! Searching for assiett renässans and assiett gamla gets me a little closer to what I’m looking for.

It could be assiett, which is a small plate placed beside the main plate, where you can serve salad, bread etc, but I don’t know if that word is applicable on these objects. Anyway, if you come to Stockholm I think that Nordiska museet is the place you should go to.

Thanks Floater, I’ve got an email into Nordiska Museet’s “ask us” address. Hopefully they’ll have time to respond before I leave on holiday.