Translation test

Эллипсис неги, сходится, губы о предсказывает! Продукт наших скаляров определен!


這是危機的連結, 和風暴的始發地

Down the hall and second door on your right. Be sure to jiggle the handle.

This is the nexus of the crisis, and the origin of the storm.

How close is that to the original?

It’s the nexus of the crisis, and the origin of storms. (old Blue Öyster Cult)

Pretty GOOD!
I used the Tiger (OSX 10.4) dashboard translation unit to generate it.

[I dislike junior mod dorks]
Just a reminder, in the past, non-plain text and non-english threads have been closed.

Correct, jnglmassiv, but in a thread clearly labelled “test” posted in ATMB, it is permitted to try out fonts.

Right but what do foreign language font tests lead to?

bows out of thread, disgraced

Dancing, that’s the risk.

No disgrace, jnglmassiv, none at all. Sometimes, folks just like to 'speriment to see what happens, and there don’t necessarily need to be any “leading to.”

Can anyone understand the Russian, or Japanese?

Vladimir Putin can understand the Russian and I’m pretty sure that Junichiro Koizumi is competent to handle the Japanese.

Well said, tomndebb! :wink:

Cite? :smiley:

“Bite my toe’s Batman.” :confused:

So the apostrophe error’s in the original.



What apostrophe error?

“Bite my toe’s Batman.”
That’s much closer than the “Bite the bat man of my toe” I get by feeding the japanese back through the translator.

Back-translation from russian butchers the excerpt from Lem’s lovely poem :

Thanks all.

Does that toe own a Batman?

I’m impressed.

Yes. The most natural reading of the Japanese indicates that Batman is a possession of the toe (or toes).

Well, I suppose I look like a dumb gaijin now.

In my defense, it is an extremely bizarre sentence.

테스타 보스타