Transmetropolitan-esque cyberpunk

I’ve become addicted to the Transmetropolitan series. I’m not quite sure what it is about it, but whenever I get a new volume (currently up to the sixth right now), I tear through it in about half the time it takes me to read other TPBs. Anyway, since I can only make the series last for so long, I’m wondering what other books (not neccesarily comics) there are which are similar to Transmetropolitan.

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is the real life journalist the Trans lead character is based on.

His raddled screed–

The Crime Studio may also tickle your fancy.

Lazarus Churchyard

Heavy Liquid

Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller

Yes, I know and love the good doctor…but something about the cyberpunk atmosphere and pure violence Spider sheds draws me in more so than Thompson’s work.

Check out The Filth by Grant Morrison & Chris Weston. A bit more serious than Transmetro, but in a similar vein I reckon. Mr Garius has my copy at the minute, and he agrees it’s good stuff.

You will probably enjoy Noir, by KW Jeter. It’s a crossover between film noir and cyperpunk. Link goes to review.

Jeter is also well known for his Star Wars and Blade Runner sequel novels, but I found Noir far better.

Demonlover is my idea of a modern noir technothriller with cyberpunkish tendencies. It’s a movie not a book, but since it fits the genre asked for, thought I’d recommend it.