Transmissions are expensive. Buh-bye savings!

So, this year, at the tender young age of 33, I decided to finally get my life into gear. I’ve been working many more hours than I had in previous years, starting next Tuesday I will have two part-time jobs (one with benefits) totaling 30-35 hours a week, plus my freelance work and a few stipended positions. I’ve busted my butt and managed to save up about $3,500 this year so far. That’s the largest amount I’ve had in savings (ie, money that wasn’t spoken for by future rent/utilities) in a decade.

Today, the transmission in my car died, and I’m out an estimated $1,800, worst case.

I’m both ecstatic that this happened to me at a time in my life when I have $1,800 to spend on a car repair, and super frustrated that half of what I saved this year is going to be gone in a matter of days to fix a stupid car . . . for about 1/4 of what I’d expect to pay for a replacement vehicle. Ah well. Two steps forward and one back ain’t so bad, I suppose.

Mundane and pointless, I know. Just had to voice this ‘out loud.’

And the brand of your auto manufacturer is?

It’s a 2000 Chrysler Concorde . . . 60k miles.

Sorry to hear about the problem. I wish you the best with it. 60k is way to early, even if the transmission wasn’t babied.

When you get it replaced, extend the life of the new trans by always coming to a dead stop before shifting from drive to reverse or reverse to drive.

Yeah. My mechanic (who I trust completely) said that those Chrysler transmissions are not the most reliable, though this is definitely very low mileage for it to break.

Just remember, this is what you saved money for. had you not done so, you would now be either be putting $1800 on your credit card, or proper fucked w/r/t transportation.

So think about how freaked out that alternate you would be, and how instead, today, all you are is slightly despondent, and take the difference between the two as the huge win it is. You done good.