Trapped by the things I love

I’m fortunate to be in a position where I am getting paid enough (barely) to live and do the things I love (music, teaching, theatre, and computers). I’m completely self-employed (as of three or four months ago), and am loving most every minute of it.

My days are my own, filled with some web design and related work, some preping for shows and rehearsals, time in my garden, walking downtown, swimming, whatever. My evenings are filled with rehearsals and/or performances.

The problem is, even though I’ve got day-to-day freedoms that are great, it is almost impossible for me to take a day off. With generally two shows in process at any given time for the last year and a half or more, I really can’t go anywhere without planning months in advance.

I don’t remember the last time I spent a Friday and/or Saturday nights out of town.

I’m just thinking about this tonight as lately there’s been a lot of talk about Toronto-based SDMB get-togethers. For a while I’d head out there once a year, with a few trips to Montreal during the year as well. It’s been years since I’ve been to Toronto (and over a year since Montreal, as well), let alone anywhere else. Boston? Over two years I think. NYC likewise.

I went to work in Wisconsin for a week earlier this summer, and got a night in Chicago, which was a blast, but I’m just feeling a sense of being trapped by the things I love. It’s awesome that I have so many oportunities to do theatre around here. But, it means that I never have weekends free.

I miss meeting new people and exploring interesting places.

Welcome to sole proprietorship, Eonwe.

My biz is now 7 years old (hard for me to believe!) and the first few years were exactly as you describe. However, it got better over time. Now I can schedule days or even weeks (imagine!) ‘off’ work without adverse repercussions. It just takes a bit of time, is all.

Congrats on your self-employment ! :slight_smile:

EonWe, I just don’t have any advice to offer. I’d only like to say that from your post, I really don’t think you’re gonna have any serious problems with this situation.

Don’t forget to spend some time looking at sunsets, though.

Best wishes to a winner.

If you like being active and exploring, how about picking up a hobby like geocaching? You’ll be surprised how many close-to-home places you’ve not yet explored. I know it’s not the same as a weekend in a new city, but it’s still fun.

How about a weekend in a nice hotel in the same city where you work? Get room service, spa treatments, some different sights and sounds…

Don’t forget that you still need time for inspiration – breathing in! Can you make time some way? That will help to keep you in love with what you are doing.